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Artificial intelligence in education

Learn about the use of artificial intelligence tools to support your child’s learning.


As part of Singapore's National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy, as well as to support the implementation of the EdTech Masterplan 2030, MOE is enhancing the capabilities of the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) with AI learning tools to support greater customisation of learning for our students and to augment our teachers’ professional practice.

Adaptive Learning System

The AI-enabled Adaptive Learning System uses machine learning to make customised learning recommendations for each student, based on how the student responds to questions and activities as they learn a topic.

In June 2023, MOE launched the Adaptive Learning System for Mathematics for three topics covered at the Primary 5 level. The Adaptive Learning System will be expanded progressively to include more topics, levels and subjects.

Learning Feedback Assistants

From December 2023, two Learning Feedback Assistants, namely the Language Feedback Assistant for English and the Short Answer Feedback Assistant, will be made available via the SLS.

Language Feedback Assistant for English

The Language Feedback Assistant for English provides basic feedback on students’ writing in areas such as spelling and grammar, allowing teachers to focus on guiding students in the more complex aspects of language construction, and to develop higher-level skills like creative expression, persuasiveness and tone.

Short Answer Feedback Assistant

The Short Answer Feedback Assistant provides suggested grades and auto-generated content-related feedback for close-ended, short answer questions for any subject and level. This allows teachers to more quickly provide feedback by automatically generating a first draft of grades and comments that they can edit and build on.