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Last Updated: 15 August 2023

Approved textbook list

View the list of approved textbooks.


The Approved Textbook List (ATL) for Primary and Secondary schools is drawn up primarily to assist Principals, Heads of Departments, Level Heads and Subject Heads in their selection of suitable texts for their students and is updated in mid-August each year. The learning materials in the list have been approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for use in schools.

Schools are encouraged to select and use the learning materials listed in the ATL. For Literature, it is strongly recommended that Heads of Department, Literature Co-ordinators and teachers review potential texts before making their selection. Care should be taken to select titles/editions which are still in print.

Selection of Learning Materials

When selecting learning materials, schools should take into account the specific needs of their students and the suitability of the texts, as effective teaching and learning depend very much on the correct choice of learning materials.

The following learning materials are listed in the Current Titles documents below:

  • Materials used by students during curriculum lessons
  • Materials which are optional and complement student’s materials


All prices quoted in the ATL exclude Goods and Services Tax (GST). They are applicable to the Singapore market only.


Where applicable, the course is listed beside the learning material:

F abbreviation for Foundation course


E abbreviation for Express course
NA abbreviation for Normal (Academic) course
NT abbreviation for Normal (Technical) course

Key to Symbols Used

NFY Not Fixed Yet

Sales and Enquiries

Schools with any sales enquiries may call the publishers at their hotlines. The name of the contact person, telephone number and email address of the publisher can be viewed at the Useful Links Section.


The Curriculum Planning & Development Division and Student Development Curriculum Division welcome comments and feedback from principals and teachers on the learning materials in the ATL. This will help textbook writers and publishers improve the quality of their materials. All written correspondence should be addressed to:

Mr Jasman Masiran
Assistant Manager, Publication Management
at Jasman_Masiran@moe.gov.sg


Mr Goh Po Boon
Deputy Director, Publication Management,
at Goh_Po_Boon@moe.gov.sg.


The Curriculum Planning & Development Division and Student Development Curriculum Division wish to thank the following:

  • Principals and teachers for assisting in the review and evaluation of learning materials;
  • Schools for participating in the administration of readability tests.

Approval Stamp

Approval stamp

From 2001, approved commercial learning materials will bear the Ministry's stamp of approval, as shown in the example above, on their front covers or inside the book (title or imprint page). Students/parents are advised to look out for the approval stamp when selecting learning materials.

The MOE's stamp of approval is not to be reproduced, downloaded, stored in retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written approval from MOE. Those who fail to comply with the above are liable to be prosecuted under the relevant legislation.

Current Titles

Phased-out Titles

Useful Links