St Margaret’s Secondary School

At St. Margaret’s Secondary School, we see the education of our girls as a joint undertaking of the school with the home and community. The school has a structure and criteria by which to identify and foster potential partnerships based on a common vision and mutual purpose.

Its partnerships with the home and community have enabled the school to enrich its education for the students through collaboration in various programmes and through the provision of resources.

The school works with a wide range of partner organisations which include:

  • the Anglican church and the School Management Committee (SMC);
  • the Parent Support Group (PSG);
  • the St. Margaret’s Ex-Students’ Association (SMESA);
  • community organisations (e.g. Northwest Community Development Council, NParks, charities, orphanages, homes for the elderly);
  • educational institutions (e.g. St. Margaret’s Primary School, St. Andrew’s Junior College, Polytechnics, overseas schools); and
  • industry partners (e.g. Nokia, Citigroup).

The school has established structures and various modes of communication to promote frequent interaction, discourse, exchange of ideas and feedback with its partners.

Students and parent volunteers at a school event

Providing opportunities for cross-collaboration between partner groups augurs well with the school’s culture of care and collaboration. The SMC and PSG Executive committee meetings are represented by the PSG, SMESA and the church and they also form the organising committees for various school events during the year.

Members of key partner groups are often acknowledged or given recognition for example, through invitation to participate in school functions and events, as guests-of-honour, judges and even co-educators. Their active involvement and interaction with students and staff help to build a sense of belonging with the school.

Partnerships to enrich the school programmes include the school’s work with the different community groups to provide our girls with the exposure to service learning. Our work with the church has enabled the school to deliver a strong character development programme. Our partnership with educational institutions and industry partners provide opportunities for student attachment and exposure to authentic learning.

Collaboration with students from partner schools

The school’s partners have also contributed magnanimously to fund student awards and to help equip the school with facilities needed to support its programmes. These include facilities like the performing arts studio, the design studio, the school’s indoor sports hall and multi-purpose halls. Members of the PSG, alumni and church also contribute valuable time to organise school events and programmes, freeing up time for teachers to focus on their professional work.

To ensure that partnerships are sustained over the long run, the school reviews its processes annually. It has made many significant refinements to its partnership processes over the recent years.