Rosyth School

At Rosyth School, we collaborate closely with our partners for the holistic development of our students. Our partners play an important and active role in supporting and value adding to our school programmes. The school leaders ensure that the partnership structures and processes are in place and are aligned to the school vision, mission and values. The partnerships with different organisations have impacted the growth of our students in the cognitive, physical, aesthetics, social and moral domains. We constantly seek ways in establishing new partnerships and strengthening existing partnerships with our stakeholders so that the partnership is mutually beneficial and sustainable.

Rosyth School Alumni Association at an Earth Day event held in the school

In working with our various partners, we have created an open and nurturing environment which has helped us maintain and develop good partnerships not only with our key partners, our parents, represented by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), School Advisory Committee (SAC) and Rosyth School Alumni Association (RSAA), but also the various organizations who contributed to the holistic development of our students. Over the years, the school has established a partnership network with different sectors of the society. Apart from our key partners, other partners that we have collaborated with include MOE HQ, educational institutions, statutory board and community partners.

These partnerships have impacted the growth in both our students and staff in all domains. The school adopts a whole school approach towards partnership. All staff work closely with one of our key partners, the parents. The different departments also work with other partners on programmes and activities that have impacted the four strategic thrusts.

The school works continuously on improving on its network of partners and each partnership for mutual benefit. With the right approach of a “win-win” partnership, the school is able to sustain and gradually expand the list of partners. The school continues to work on a planned long term relationship with our key partners. For other partners, the long term collaboration will depend on how the individual programme evolves, the review on the impact on growth of our students, partner’s benefits and whether partnership is still aligned with department goals and MOE initiatives.

Parent teaching a paper cut activity

At Rosyth, we recognise our partners for their support and contributions. We have two types of awards to recognise them, the Key Partner Award and the Partners Award. The Key Partner Award is to recognize the contributions of our key partners and the Partners Award is to recognize our parents who are actively involved in our school programme. The awards are presented during our annual Prize Giving Day. In 2009, we presented the Key Partner Award to PTA and SAC, and 45 Partners Award to our parents.

Rosyth is indeed fortunate to establish partnerships with many organisations and we will continue to harness the support from different partners, streamline the partnership process and align the partnership efforts to our KPIs to be the “School of Tomorrow, Today”.