Raffles Institution

The reintegration of Raffles Institution (RI) and Raffles Junior College in 2009 has enabled the school to align, strengthen, and expand its network of stakeholders and partners. By leveraging on these close partnerships, the school has continued to provide a Rafflesian education that, at its heart, is based on a strong sense of personal commitment and social responsibility.

Engaging our Alumni

Raffles Alumni

The school works closely with the Old Rafflesians’ Association to raise funds for financially-needy students, and to provide opportunities for alumni to take part in school events and programmes. In order to further engage our alumni, RI started an alumni magazine, entitled ‘ONE’. We have also created an alumni portal that allows alumni to interact with one another, as well as to support the school in areas of mentorship programmes, university admission advice and job attachments. An 1823 Fund that provides scholarships to Rafflesians from financially humble backgrounds also draws alumni to make gifts to the school, thereby upholding the school’s tradition of admitting the brightest students of each cohort, regardless of race and family circumstance. Additionally, the school formally launched the first chapter of the Raffles Overseas Alumni Network in Jakarta, to cater to the community of professionals who graduated from RI and who are currently working in Jakarta. Another chapter of this overseas network was initiated by alumni currently pursuing their undergraduate degree in the UK.

Involving Parents

Over the years, the Raffles Parents’ Association (RPA) has actively supported and collaborated with the school. RPA members help raise funds for the school, host the school’s annual Teachers’ Day Dinner, and provide dinner to students as they prepare for the GCE A-Level examinations. The school also establishes clear communication channels with parents, in the form of level briefings, teacher-parent sessions, and informal and intimate chat sessions with the principal. In this way, the school works closely with parents in the development of their child.

Partnering Schools and Organisations

Raffles Community Leaders Forum

RI has partnered with 155 local and overseas schools, institutions of higher learning, and research institutions to develop academic enrichment initiatives that benefit our students. These partnerships have taken the form of exchange, attachment and mentorship programmes. In the area of social outreach and advocacy, Rafflesians work with a wide range of ministries, statutory boards, volunteer welfare organisations and non-government organisations to spearhead and drive community projects. For the past three years, RI has organised the Raffles Community Leaders Forum, a platform for students to engage in specific community issues through facilitated discussions, community interaction and dialogue sessions with our partners, including the National Youth Council and the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore.

An overseas service learning project

RI also works with students from our regional partner schools on community projects via our Overseas Immersion Programme. Through collaboration with such partners, Year 1 – 6 Rafflesians conducted close to 430 community projects and 45 overseas service learning projects in 2009, many of which were student-initiated.