Ngee Ann Secondary School

The school’s Partnership Mission is to forge a partnership between the home, school and community that is integral to building character, expanding minds and shaping lives. And in so doing, achieving the school’s vision of being an Icon of Excellence and the Pride of the Community.

The Partnership Framework sets out the broad approach for collaboration to realise the school vision by enriching students’ learning, empowering staff, engaging stakeholders and enhancing school climate. The framework captures partnership as a whole school initiative with communication, opportunities, recognition and evaluation in place.

Partnership is an important building block for school excellence: parents are engaged for student development; alumni are connected to inspire; external organisations collaborate to provide flexibility in programmes to maximize student learning and to brand the school as the leading centre of ICT innovation.

Partnership in NAS is guided by the philosophy that it takes a ‘village to raise a child’. Home, school and community partnerships are strategically mapped out to facilitate this symbiotic relationship to maximize positive outcomes for students’ learning. Partnership plays an important role in making NAS an Excellent School of the Future. For example, to develop the school’s identity as a leading school in the use of ICT in T&L, the ICT Committee harnesses partnership to develop cutting-edge technology for T&L. To enhance our Character Development Programme, the Student Development and Management Committee works with retail business partners in our community to award the Ngee Ann Values Card (Platinum) to students who demonstrate exemplary conduct. The alumni run the Mentoring Programme and serve as CCA adult volunteers, demonstrating the school value of ‘care’ in their work to develop our students. The Parent Support Group shows their care with the Night Study Programme and I-Care Project.

A parent dialogue session taking place

The school adopts a segmented approach to prioritise partnerships. The criteria include proximity, sustainability, alignment with our school vision and mission, enhancement of school programmes, innovative and creative use of resources, timing, suitability, resources required and deliverable outcomes. Through the cascading and communication process, the school provides opportunities for partners to engage in discussions on issues to continually develop and refine the mission and values for partnership. In working towards shared beliefs and values for partnership, strategic partners are invited to a Principal’s Tea cum Dialogue Session with Key Partners. The other communication methods include feedback, survey, newsletter, letter, school website, MSN and e-mail. The school gives each parent an email account for communication. Financial resources for partnership programmes are planned and reviewed as part of the school budget plan to ensure sufficient financial support for collaborations. NAS has a tiered recognition award system and a selection panel that identify partners for their outstanding and sustained contributions to the school.

Partnership has definitely impacted our partners, students, staff and the community positively.