Coaches and Instructors

Registration of Instructors Offering Co-Curricular and Enrichment Activities to Schools


From 1 Jan 2015

As stated in the 13 March 2014 press release, instructors in the listed areas of specialisations may apply to register with MOE.

From 1 Jan 2016

As stated in the 13 November 2014 press release, instructors in the listed areas of specialisations may apply to register with MOE.

From 1 Jan 2018 (for Physical Sports Coaches/Instructors Only)

As stated in the 7 February 2017 press release, all MOE-registered physical sports CCA coaches in schools are required to obtain at least a provisional membership with the National Registry of Coaches (NROC).

Additional Information on the Registration of Instructors

Schools will only engage instructors who are registered with MOE from January 2016.

During the Tenure of Services

  • All instructors shall remain registered during the tenure of their services without which their services will be terminated. For companies, the contract for services with schools will be terminated unless de-registered instructors can be replaced with registered instructors with the school’s agreement.

  • When instructors no longer meet the suitability criteria, they will be de-registered and be duly informed about their de-registration. Once de-registered, all schools will be informed to terminate their contracts with the de-registered instructor.

  • Decisions by MOE to decline registration, decline re-registration or impose de-registration of an Instructor shall not amount to any representation by MOE as to the competency of the Instructor to act in any other capacity outside of MOE.

Registration Of Physical Sports CCA Coaches/ Instructors

  • Instructors with provisional NROC membership applying to be registered with MOE must attach their provisional NROC membership;

  • Instructors with full NROC membership applying to be registered with MOE must attach their NROC membership and Values and Principles in Sports (VPS) workshop certificate of attendance.

  • Current MOE-registered physical sports CCA coaches who have completed the VPS in Sports workshop or the NSYS for Coaching in Singapore Schools workshop, and have obtained a valid standard first-aid certification, are strongly encouraged to register for Provisional NROC membership via

Registration of Art and Music Scheme (AMIS) Instructors

The role of AMIS instructors is to deliver the teaching and learning of the Art and Music subjects during curriculum hours which is different from the roles of PAL, CCA and Enrichment instructors.

Applicants Applying for AMIS Registration

Applicants applying for AMIS registration will be considered for both AMIS and MOE registration concurrently.

For more details on the criteria for applying to be an AMIS instructor, please refer to

AMIS applicants should include the following as mandatory supporting documents when submitting their Instructor Registration Form:

  • GCE O Level Examinations results
  • All Academic Qualifications
  • Highest professional Art/Music Qualifications
  • Relevant Art/Music Professional/Teaching Experience

Registration of Travel Agency Staff Members

Personnel supplied by travel agencies who conduct overseas trips or local learning journeys will need to register with MOE in order to be engaged by schools from January 2016. Specifically, this includes:

  • Travel agency personnel embarking from Singapore (e.g. tour guide, learning facilitator, tour manager etc.) and accompanying the students on the overseas trips, regardless of their specific duties (e.g. tour guide, learning facilitator, tour manager) need to be registered with MOE. This includes travel agency personnel who may not embark from Singapore with the students, but will accompany the students on the overseas trips (for example, those who may join the students on the overseas trip later); or

  • Travel agency personnel accompanying the students on the local learning journeys.

Overseas-based personnel (e.g. overseas-based/native tour guide or learning facilitator) who are not direct employees of tour agencies will not need to register with MOE.

Registration of Instructors for Advanced Elective Modules (AEMs)

Advanced Elective Modules (AEMs) are administered by the Polytechnics.

  • While instructors may indicate an area of specialisation in AEMs, you may only administer the AEMs if you are engaged by the Polytechnics.

Registration of Instructors for Elective Modules (EMs)

Elective Modules (EMs) can be administered by instructors engaged by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) or by private service providers:

  • EMs administered by ITE: Instructors who indicate EMs as an area of specialisation and are engaged by ITE.
  • EMs administered by private service providers directly engaged by schools: Instructors who indicate EMs as an area of specialisation and are not engaged by ITE.

Examples of Areas of Specialisation of Instructors

Examples of areas of specialisation of instructors found in Point 4b of the Press Release can be found in the table below:

Examples of Areas of Specialisation

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

  • Sports: basketball, badminton, table-tennis, football, etc.
  • Performing Arts: choir, band, drama, string ensemble, etc.
  • Visual Arts: photography, painting, sculpture, calligraphy, etc
  • Clubs and Societies: chess, debate, subject-based (e.g. Science), Information Technology, etc.

Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

  • PAL Sports and Games
  • PAL Outdoor Education
  • PAL Performing Arts (Dance, Music)
  • PAL Visual Arts

Art and Music Scheme (AMIS)

  • AMIS Art
  • AMIS Music

Conversational Chinese and Malay (CCM)

  • Conversational Chinese (Basic, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Conversational Malay (Basic, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced)

Enrichment Programmes

  • Overseas Trips
  • Overnight Camps
  • Leadership
  • Life Skills: Financial Literacy, Career Guidance activities, Communication Skills workshops, Social Etiquette classes, etc.
  • Others: Learning Journeys, Heritage Trails, Arts Appreciation workshops etc.

Instructions for Coaches and Instructors Registering with MOE

Instructors applying for registration for the first time may apply online at by following the on-screen instructions.

For instructors who are currently registered with MOE, please do not submit an application. Your application will be rejected by the system. Please only submit an online application 3 months from the expiry date of your MOE registration.

For currently registered instructors who wish to update their application information, please do not update via the online system. Your online update will be rejected by the system. Please send the updates to

Technical Assistance

Please email for technical assistance with the online registration.


For enquiries/clarifications, please email