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Join us as a Primary School teacher and write the next chapter of Singapore.

From December 2016, candidates assigned to be General* teachers at the primary level will be trained in dual subject specialisation, to develop stronger mastery of content and pedagogical skills. Applicants may indicate their interest in any of the following combinations, but they should note that final assignment will be done by MOE, taking into consideration applicants’ subject knowledge, preference and organisational requirements:

a. English Language and Social Studies;
b. English Language and Mathematics; or
c. English Language and Science.

*Those wishing to teach Art or Music at the primary level will be trained to teach Art or Music only. Those wishing to teach Physical Education (PE) will be trained at both the primary and secondary levels.


Rezia Rahumathullah
Vice Principal, Jing Shan Primary School

President’s Award for Teachers Winner 2014

Lighting that Spark

Rezia believes that the greatest gift a teacher can give a child is the power of belief. As she was once a Normal Academic [N(A)] student herself, she understood first-hand the debilitating effects of a lack of self-confidence and self-worth. Fortunately, her Secondary 5 teacher helped her discover her strengths and find her value as an individual. This inspired Rezia to become a teacher and pay it forward.

Shine a Light on What is Right

Today, she is a proponent of Positive Education (Pos Ed) and her mission is to help each child find their value. This could be in staging a debate, persevering through grammar exercises, or picking themselves up to rewrite an essay. Her goal is to help her students fight their fears and insecurities and discover their own worth as individuals. She believes that every child is unique and has the potential to be developed into a confident, caring and well-rounded individual.

Role Model

The teacher, she says, must be that one person in a child’s life who believes change is possible. Rezia believes every child and his or her teacher can be an agent of change for themselves and others. Today, she is a role-model in positivity to her students and colleagues.


Sim Lucy
Master Teacher, Academy of Singapore Teachers
Previous position in Guangyang Primary School
as a Chinese Language Teacher

President’s Award for Teachers Winner 2014

Inspiring a Love for the Language

Lucy literally gets students dancing in delight when it is time for Chinese lessons. Many of her students come from English-speaking homes and she has an uphill task getting them interested in learning Chinese. Taking up the challenge, she uses popular culture and turns to dance and music to engage them.

As a keen innovator, Lucy has developed rhymes, karaoke tunes and aerobic dance moves to engage the children and these have won her numerous awards in education innovation. One of these programmes is ‘Chinese Character Aerobics’ which she started to develop a new way of teaching and learning Chinese through body movements to illustrate the strokes used when writing the Chinese characters. For example, a ‘dot’ stroke is signalled by a punch, while the ‘horizontal break’ stroke is represented by a salute. She was encouraged to see how the students were able to write countless of Chinese characters using this method.

Touching Hearts with Positive Strokes

“I hope to continue to make a positive change to my students’ lives through my love and care. In addition, my passion for the Chinese Language will motivate my fellow colleagues to keep on learning and to innovate in their teaching and learning strategies. I sincerely believe that if we constantly reflect on the way we teach, every child will be able to experience positive learning.”

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