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Foster critical awareness. Expand their global outlook.

The world is a complex place, and as a teacher, you can help your students navigate through it. Expose students to critical issues and global happenings as you teach General Paper, and make learning relevant and authentic for students as they apply what they have learnt to the world they live in. Foster in them strong analytical skills to help them make sense of the information they receive, and build up their curiosity to become global lifelong learners. Join us as a General Paper teacher and give students a broader understanding of the world. Join us as a General Paper teacher and give students a broader understanding of the world.


Daniel Tan
Currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in English Language and Linguistics
Formerly teaching General Paper in Serangoon Junior College

Although teaching was not the first thing that came to mind for Daniel, he gained a glimpse into what his strengths were after consulting with his teachers regarding his career choices. “A common comment was that I was very talkative in class, and so I thought that I should make a career out of it!” he jokes.

“I decided to pursue the English Language because I was inspired by my teacher in Junior College. He really taught me how to appreciate the beauty of language and culture, and this was what I wanted to share with others as well.” This indeed was Daniel’s calling as he continues to inspire his students every day

Daniel also had the experience of being the General Paper subject head in his previous posting in Serangoon Junior College and had the responsibilities of planning and designing the GP curriculum for his school.  “Teaching makes for a good workout for the mind and body. I really enjoy days where I give lectures to large groups of students, engage in a robust discussion with smaller classes, conduct a professional sharing session with my team of teachers, then change up and head to the school field to lead the Touch Football team for their physical training,” he shares.

Shaping Young Minds


Debbie Teo
Subject Head (English Language), Chung Cheng High School (Main)
Formerly teaching General Paper at Tampines Junior College

Debbie’s passion for literature and intention of fusing language arts into the local mainstream schools made her a natural choice for the position of a General Paper teacher.

“At age 17, college students are almost young adults and have a mind of their own. I find myself challenging their perceptions on matters like global issues rather than simply moulding their beliefs,” she says.

“The collective gasps and tears, coupled with shock and disbelief — after watching a video on farm cruelty in the United States, reading an article on female oppression throughout the ages, or a heated class discussion on modern-day anarchy — keep me blazing through the immense, yet satisfying process of teaching the subject,” she adds.

More than an Educator

Debbie shares some advice for aspiring teachers: ” “Being an educator involves much more than being a classroom teacher; It also means having a burning passion for a subject, continually honing expertise in a particular field, branching into the psychology and design of learning, as well as exploring how education policies culminate in a fully formed education system.”


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