Our Teaching Scholars

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What do teachers do?

They see every child as an opportunity to create a better adult.

They create lessons that take 40 minutes but last a lifetime.

They guide young dreams through the confusion of growing up and make them emerge stronger.

They tear you down, but only to build you up.

Teachers don’t just talk, they listen.

When a child is quiet, they hear the voice that’s shouting to be heard.

When a child is lost, they illuminate the path.

When a child thinks he’s done his best, they find a way to make him better.

Teachers succeed by doing no more than connecting with a child in some small way.

Teachers lead, care and inspire.

Teachers make a difference.

Read about our Teaching Scholars, and how you can make a difference like they do.

“One of the rewards of teaching is that teachers also learn from their students.”

Mr Low Guanming

Low Guanming

  • Overseas Merit Scholar (Teaching)
  • Studied in University College London, United Kingdom (Economics & Geography)
  • Currently posted to the Public Service Division as Assistant Director (Policy)

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“Besides the special bond forged with students, which other job allows you to inspire a young person to do well in life, and then pay it forward?”

Mr Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan

  • Local Merit Scholar (Teaching)
  • Studied at NUS (BA in English Language)
  • Head of Department (Civics and Global Education), Meridian Junior College

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“I was sponsored for an exchange programme in Canada and for an academic conference in Malaysia. These were invaluable experiences that I would not have gained were it not for the scholarship.”

Ms Danielle Zheng

Danielle Zheng

  • Local-Overseas Merit Scholar (Teaching)
  • Studied at NUS (BA in English Language) and King’s College London (English)
  • Planning Officer, Education Policy Branch

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“Teaching is an exciting job because no two days are ever the same. Even if you are teaching the same lesson to different classes, you are bound to get different questions and thus need to find different ways of teaching and engaging the students.”

Ms Lee Shu Jun

Lee Shu Jun

  • Education Merit Scholar
  • Studied at Oxford University (BA in Geography)
  • Head of Department (Humanities), Jurongville Secondary School

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