Development Programmes and Postgraduate Scholarship

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How You Will Grow

MOE actively engages and develops Scholars and Award Holders during the course of their undergraduate studies. We will customise development programmes for you so that you are better prepared upon returning to the Education Service. As a Teaching Scholar / Award Holder, you can look forward to the following opportunities:

MOE Headquarters (HQ) Attachments

If you are an Public Service Commission Scholar (Teaching) or Education Merit Scholar, you may be flown back for attachments at MOE HQ during your term break. You will be paid an allowance and assigned challenging policy projects to better prepare you for a career at MOE in future.

School Attachments

You will have the opportunity to be attached to schools for several weeks during your term break, during which you will be assigned senior teachers as mentors. This is an excellent chance for you to gain first-hand teaching experience and be exposed to challenging school projects to stretch your capabilities.

Overseas Attachments

Education Merit Scholars may also explore overseas attachments to foreign educational institutions during your vacations. You will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of how education systems and schools function in other countries, and how they differ from Singapore’s. Scholars may also have opportunities to teach while on attachment.

Exposure to Policy-Making

Scholars may also look forward to attending the Developments in Public Policy Seminar and learning journeys. These will be excellent opportunities for you to better understand the rationale behind certain policies, both within Education and in the rest of the public service.

Dialogue Sessions

You will get a chance to participate in rigorous dialogue sessions and forums with MOE’s top policy makers which will expose you to broader policy and strategic considerations guiding Education Policy. There will also be opportunities to attend talks on education-related issues.

Pre-Departure Course

If you are studying overseas, you will attend a Pre-Departure Course, in which you will be taught life skills to cope with living and studying overseas. This will empower you with the skills you need to live abroad independently.

You will also get to meet seniors who have “been there, done that.”

Student Development

You are encouraged to broaden your horizons and experiences by participating actively in CCAs, student exchange programmes, field trips, community involvement projects, just to name a few. MOE will also consider sponsorship for some of these activities.

MOE provides a variety of opportunities for our Scholars and Award Holders to develop and upgrade themselves professionally.

Postgraduate Scholarships


Teaching Scholars/Award holders who demonstrate outstanding academic and non-academic achievements may have the opportunity to pursue a Masters degree immediately upon the completion of their undergraduate studies. They may pursue a relevant Masters degree either through MOE sponsorship or self-financing.

Another option that is popular amongst serving Teaching Scholars/Award holders is to apply for a MOE Postgraduate Scholarship/Award or one of the Professional Development Packages (e.g. study leave, study loans) to pursue education-related postgraduate studies after gaining a few years of teaching experience. This will allow you to leverage on your teaching experiences to better identify the developmental gaps you aim to fill through the postgraduate programme, thereby enhancing your learning and overall development.

Course of Study

Some MOE postgraduate scholars choose to read pure content subjects to deepen their content mastery of the discipline, while others may elect to specialise in an education-related field such as Pedagogy, Education Policy and Administration etc.

Places of Study

Scholars will study in some of the best universities locally or overseas.