Bachelor of Arts (Education)/Bachelor of Science (Education)

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Meet Gavin, a youth whose passion for music spurred him to enroll in NIE’s Bachelor of Arts (Education) programme. In this video, Gavin shares his passion and how the programme equips him to be an effective music teacher.

The Bachelor of Arts (Education) or Bachelor of Science (Education) is a 4-year sponsored undergraduate course which lets you read your choice of arts or science-based subjects and provides you with both subject content and professional teaching qualifications.

Graduands will receive a Bachelor of Arts (Education) or Bachelor of Science (Education) conferred jointly by NTU and NIE. This is the definitive programme to prepare you to be the best educator you can be. The degree programme’s focus on grooming passionate and driven students to become truly effective educators is what differentiates it from others. For one, the programme will equip you with content knowledge that is also school-relevant and pedagogical, making it most suitable for your teaching career.

There will also be opportunities to participate in international practicums and semester exchanges through which you will be able to develop a global perspective of teaching and learning. If you are interested in furthering your education beyond the programme, you will also be able to take up to 3 Masters level courses during your undergraduate studies for smooth and faster transition to Higher Degrees in various fields of content study in the Arts and Sciences such as Exercise & Sports Studies, Social Studies, Applied Linguistics, Mathematics for Educators, Life Sciences etc. On top of that, outstanding BABSc(Ed) graduands may also be considered for Masters Sponsorship after completing their degree.

These are what some BABSc(Ed) Programme participants have had to say about how the programme has benefitted them:


My lifelong ambition to be an educator and my love for the Tamil language made the NIE Bachelor of Arts (BABSc) degree programme the perfect platform for me to pursue both of my passions. During the course of this degree, I have been able to improve my mastery of Tamil and strengthen my roots to my heritage. I appreciated the opportunity to study new and interesting subjects, such as classic and epic literature, and I look forward to inculcating the same joy of learning in my students too.

Ravathi Gunasegaran
BA(Ed), Tamil Language


“I learnt that there is an education system outside the confines of our own country. I’ve been told how different the education system would be in America (or any other country for that matter) but when you've spent your whole life studying in Singapore, you tend to forget, or find it hard to imagine, that another country would approach education in a different way. I am thankful for this overseas practicum for enlightening me and broadening my world-view; being able to observe a foreign classroom and actually be a part of it was no doubt the best part of the trip. There are so many things done differently to think about; so many things which don't happen in a Singapore classroom. But even as I say that, the essence of education remains the same. That is, the learner is at the heart of the teacher’s lessons.”

Yeo Zhi Wen
Teacher, Kent Ridge Secondary School
International Practicum at University of California, Santa Barbara


The BABSc(Ed) course comprises 9 areas of study:

  1. Education Studies
  2. Curriculum Studies
  3. Subject Knowledge
  4. Essential Course
  5. Practicum
  6. Language Enhancement and Academic Discourse Skills
  7. Group Endeavours in Service Learning
  8. Academic Subjects
  9. General Electives

More details on the BABSc(Ed) programmes are available at the NIE website.


BABSc(Ed) graduands are deployed to teach at either Primary or Secondary level.

Your school posting is subject to the Ministry’s organisational requirements and vacancies available. Those assigned to teach at the Secondary level may be deployed to the Primary level in the course of your service with the Ministry, if the organisation requires it of you. If you are redeployed to a level you have not been trained to teach, training will be provided to facilitate your redeployment.

Programme Highlights

You will receive full sponsorship of your tuition fees for the programme. Outstanding undergraduates will be placed on the NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme. Exceptional graduands may be considered for sponsorship of their Masters education directly after completion of the degree programme.

NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP)

The Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP) is an exclusive scholars programme aimed at preparing tomorrow’s leaders of education. Recipients of MOE Scholarships or Teaching Awards will automatically be placed on the TSP programme with full sponsorship.

The TSP Advantage

Enrol in Asia’s premier Teaching Scholars Programme
  • Be challenged by a multi-disciplinary curriculum that encompasses electives from NTU’s University Scholars Programme, seminars by distinguished professors, Nobel laureates, government leaders and industry luminaries
Participate in cutting-edge research
  • Acquire research skills under the mentorship of eminent advisors and top professors and researchers
  • Participate in the Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA), a university wide programme that cultivates a culture of rigour and curiosity amongst the most outstanding undergraduates in NTU
  • Present your research findings in international conferences
Overseas immersion
  • Gain international perspectives through overseas semester exchange and international teaching practicum in different education systems
Expand your horizons
  • Explore global issues, develop insights and cultivate competencies that extend beyond classroom learning through internships, local and overseas service learning and exposure to international communities
Fulfil your aspirations
  • Acquire broad-based knowledge that will enable you to become well-rounded individuals equipped with real-world experience
  • Gain a head start by reading advanced courses that can be credited to a Masters degree
Immerse in the vibrant campus life
  • Enjoy the company of friends and interact with fellow budding educators in a dynamic campus environment that caters to both learning and leisure. As a TSP Scholar, you are guaranteed on-campus accommodation.

Hear from four TSP scholars as they recount their experiences in the programme.

Procedure for Application

The BABSc(Ed) programme recruitment exercise is carried out in conjunction with NTU’s yearly University Admissions Exercise.

Candidates must:

  1. Complete the online NTU university admission application form. At least one of the choices of course in your university admission application form should be Arts (Education) or Science (Education). Details about the university admission application can be found at NTU website.


  1. Complete a separate online application for the BABSc(Ed) Teaching Scholars Programme at the Careers@Gov website. You are required to upload a scanned softcopy of the supporting documents as listed in the Application Checklist on the online application form. Application forms without supporting documents attached will not be considered.

You are strongly encouraged to submit your application as early as possible during the listed application window. Where possible, do avoid applying towards the end of the application window.

Only shortlisted applicants will be notified by MOE to attend the interview. Applicants should be notified of the outcome in writing by NTU by end June each year. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The Ministry will require applicants to sit for the relevant Entrance Proficiency Tests (EPTs) at its discretion before their admission to NIE for the BABSc(Ed) programme in July. Applicants will be informed to register and sit for the tests accordingly. For information about the EPTs, please visit

Did you indicate Arts (Education) or/and Science (Education) in your NTU university admission application? If yes, please visit Careers@Gov to submit your application for the BABSc(Ed) programme.

Bond Period

On successful completion of the 4-year degree programme, you will be required to serve a 4-year teaching bond.


For more information on the BABSc(Ed) Programme, please refer to the NIE website.