Salary Scale for General Education Officer (GEO)

You will receive a monthly salary while undergoing NIE training. In addition, your tuition fee at NIE will be fully borne by MOE. Upon successful completion of NIE training, you will be deployed to teach in our schools to serve a 3-year teaching bond (for DipEd and PGDE trained teachers who are not on a teaching scholarship/award). The gross starting salaries for GEO officers are as follows:

DipEd $1,600 - $2,100
PGDE $3,100 - $3,500

Note: The above is applicable to candidates first appointed as GEO trainees with effect from August 2016. All salaries are subject to review and change.

For mid-career applicants, increments may be given for relevant work experience.


On top of your monthly salary, trained teachers are eligible for annual salary components including the Non-Pensionable Annual Allowance (commonly known as the 13-month bonus), performance bonus and other variable bonuses.

CPF Contributions

CPF Contribution is only for those who are Singapore Citizens/Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR).

The employer’s contribution to your CPF is in accordance to CPF laws. More details can be found at


The CONNECT Plan recognises dedicated teachers for their commitment to the cause of education. Trained teachers under Permanent Establishment will receive payouts at various defined points in their career.

Service Benefits

As a teacher, you will also enjoy the following service benefits:

Medical and Dental Benefits

You will be entitled to subsidised outpatient and dental treatments, as well as an additional 1% Medisave contribution.

Use of Government chalets at subsidised rates

Teachers can apply to stay at the government holiday chalets at subsidised rates.

Public Officers’ Group Insurance Scheme (Optional)

POGIS is a voluntary insurance scheme for all eligible public officers, their spouses and children. It provides Term Life Coverage against death due to all causes, total permanent disability arising from accidents and illnesses, and partial permanent disablement arising from accidents. In addition, officers can choose to purchase Critical Illnesses Coverage which provides coverage against 37 major illnesses. Visit Income website for more details.

Leave for Urgent Private Affairs

Teachers may apply up to 10 working days of full pay leave a year during term time to attend to urgent matters.

School Holidays

The school year is from January to December each year. There is a total of 12 weeks of school holidays a year. Do note that teachers may be called up for duty during the school holidays. Teachers can enjoy school holidays if their services are not needed during the holidays. They may use this period for overseas travel.

Medical Leave

You are also entitled to full-pay ordinary sick leave up to a total of:

  • 14 days in a calendar year; or
  • 60 days if warded in a hospital