Mid-career Professionals

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Are you chasing your professional career, but thinking twice about your goals?

Are you considering the possibility of a mid-career switch?

Are you looking for a workplace where you can use your talents to make a difference, where your unique experiences and perspectives can be appreciated, or where you can find fresh meaning and satisfaction in going to work every day?

If so, consider teaching!

We are looking for teachers with analytical minds and a sense of wonder for the world, who can teach our students to think and inspire them to dream.

We want professionals who can bring something new to the classroom, and share their wealth of knowledge from their previous careers with a generation eager to learn more.

We want you to be part of our teaching fraternity: a place where you can find lasting satisfaction in transforming lives and shaping the future, a community that provides opportunities for growth and career development.

Take up the challenge. Be a teacher.


Mid-career officers may be granted increments, depending on the number of years and relevance of your working experience, subject to the submission of the relevant supporting documents.


If you have the relevant content knowledge and passion to teach and inculcate sound moral values, you are the one we are looking for. Please click on this link to find out more about the different teacher training programmes and how to apply for them.

Read on for stories on our teachers who have made their mid-career switch to teaching.

“My work in the private sector was about dollars and cents; in teaching, it’s about the lives and well-being of the students under my care.”


Edward Yee
Physical Education teacher, Tampines North Primary School

Coaching Young Hearts

Edward started his working life in the finance sector, but eventually found his calling in a career which marries his love for sports and desire to work with children.

As a Physical Education teacher at Tampines North Primary School, he gets to impart knowledge and nurture young minds.

He became interested in teaching when he was studying for his Bachelor of Business in Banking and Finance. He learnt more about the profession from friends who were in teaching or who were trainee teachers.

At that time, he was also coaching at-risk youths in dragon boating, which gave him satisfaction. He has been involved in the sport of dragon boating for 14 years and still does it every weekend.

“Having given it much thought, and after two years in the private sector as an investment banker, I decided that teaching was what I wanted to do and chose to make it my career”.

Edward specialised in the teaching of Physical Education at the primary level because he enjoys working with children, loves sports and likes physical activity on the job.

A world of difference

Edward’s current work is different from his previous job. “My work in the private sector was about dollars and cents; in teaching, it’s about the lives and well-being of the students under my care.

“Teaching offers me job satisfaction and a sense of achievement when I see my students improving. As teachers, we play a very important role in getting children to give their very best in what they do, and make a difference in the process.”

Mr Lim Chin Kuan

Lim Chin Kuan
Level Head (General Paper) Pioneer Junior College

Building Students’ Spirits

Becoming a teacher has led Chin Kuan on his own self-discovery journey. Formerly from the market research and tourism sectors, he made a career switch to education some years ago. He has found that he is learning as much as he is helping others to learn.

When he first started out in the private sector after completing his Bachelor in Communications Studies, he felt it was often about meeting the profit bottom line. In the school environment, however, the targets then swivelled to developing the human mind and building the human spirit.

“Having worked with students who come mostly from average families, I have learnt to empathise more with people, the problems they are going through, the kinds of aspirations they have. While I am helping the students, they have at the same time helped me grow as a person as well.”

Chin Kuan currently teaches General Paper (GP) at Pioneer Junior College, and is also level head at the English Department (GP) where he manages 14 teachers.

In addition, he chairs his school’s Green Committee and sits in other committees that look into service learning, project work and vetting of testimonials.

Leaving an impact

Chin Kuan feels that the qualities needed for a teacher include having the right attitude towards the job and taking responsibility for the development of his or her students.

“It is a meaningful job. But it’s not just a job, because at the end of the day, teaching is about developing people.

“You leave a huge impact on students’ lives. You may not become a star teacher, nor is there a need to, but deep down if you know that you have tried your best to conduct meaningful lessons, you know that you have done some good in your life.”