Application Process for Applicants without Teaching Qualifications

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Inspired to make a difference? Let us take you through the application process for an untrained teaching position.



  • Phase 2 comprises a number of concurrent processes which may not take place sequentially.

  • Due to the large number of applications received at each exercise, time is needed for the shortlisting of candidates and scheduling of interviews. If you do not hear from us by the stipulated date in the email acknowledging receipt of your application, you may assume your application to be unsuccessful.

If You Are Shortlisted for the Interview

  • You will receive an invitation to the interview, and it will contain the teaching subject(s) you have been shortlisted for, interview details and the documents you are required to bring to the interview.

  • To facilitate the processing of your application, please remember to bring all required documents to the interview.

  • Do note that the Ministry allocates teaching subjects based on a number of considerations, including organisational requirements. What you are assigned may differ from your indicated preference.

  • If you are assigned a subject or subject combination different from what you have indicated in your application, do consider carefully your interest and aptitude in the assigned subjects before accepting the invitation to the interview. If you are shortlisted for MTL teaching, you will be asked to complete the written task and short presentation in your respective MTL.

  • On the day of the interview, you will be asked to complete a written task and give a short presentation on a topic related to your shortlisted teaching subject(s). This will be followed by a discussion with the panel.

Entrance Proficiency Test(s)

  • You may be required to sit for and meet the minimum requirements of the test(s) at the Ministry’s discretion. Explore this link for more details.

  • If you are being considered for the teaching of Art or Music, you may be required to sit for an art-focused interview or a music audition.

  • You need not register for the tests independently. If you are required to take any, you will be scheduled for them. Details of the test will be sent to you through email.

Medical Check

  • You will be contacted with instructions regarding the medical examination. The cost of the examination will be borne by MOE.

  • You are strongly encouraged to go for the medical check at the earliest opportunity, to facilitate the processing of your application.

  • Do note that undergoing the medical check does not in any way indicate that you have been selected for appointment.

Selection for Appointment

  • If you meet all the Ministry’s requirements, your application will be considered in competition with other applicants.

  • If you are selected for appointment, you will receive an offer of appointment and an invitation to attend the appointment briefing. If you are unsuccessful in your application, you will be informed via email and you may check the status of your application via Careers@Gov.


  • If you are selected for appointment, you will be hired as an untrained contract teacher and be deployed to a school. In general, the duration of compulsory untrained teaching stint is at least 4 months.

  • The untrained teaching stint is an opportunity for the school to further assess your suitability for teaching and for yourself to affirm your interest in the profession. You will get to experience the life of a teacher, and that experience will help you to relate what you learn at NIE to real-life teaching (should you proceed to teacher training).

  • The compulsory untrained teaching stint is only applicable if you are slated for the Postgraduate Diploma in Education or Diploma in Education programme.

  • Visit this page for more information and first-hand accounts by current teachers.


  • If you are assessed as suitable for teaching by the school you are attached to, you will be enrolled at the National Institute of Education (NIE) for teacher training at the earliest opportunity. Visit the following links to find out more about the teacher training programmes at NIE: