How To Apply

Teachers are like mentors and role models to their pupils. They impart learning, thinking and life skills to prepare students for the future. By influencing young minds and inculcating sound social and moral values through word and deed, within and outside the classroom, it is important that you are morally grounded when you take on this career.

If you have the aptitude, passion for teaching and strong personal attributes and values, we welcome you to join us as a teacher.

Admission Criteria

In addition, applicants should possess one of the following entry qualifications:

  • A university degree; or
  • A diploma; or
  • 2 ‘A’ / H2 Level passes and 2 ‘AO’ / H1 Level passes (including General Paper or KI); or.
  • An IB Diploma.

Please refer to the respective sections for more details.



Details of the application process for untrained applicants without teaching qualifications can be found here. Polytechnic students and university undergraduates are encouraged to apply in the early part of the final year of their studies.

Please use Careers@Gov to check the status of your application.


Other Teaching Schemes


Impersonation Scams

It has come to our attention that there have been incidents where scammers impersonate MOE Human Resource to phish for personal information and data, using the email address or via a phone call.

We would like to remind members of the public to exercise caution so that they do not unwittingly fall prey to such scams. Members of the public are advised to use only the official MOE website at and Careers@Gov website at for all informational and application needs concerning MOE matters. Do note that the official correspondence from MOE HR will be sent from email addresses ending with “”.

Non-legitimate websites and emails surface from time to time and we would like to remind members of the public to remain vigilant, especially for application purposes.

Please be assured that access to the official MOE website remains unaffected and no data has been compromised.

Thank you.