Entrance Proficiency Tests

As part of the application process for an untrained teaching position, applicants are required to sit for and meet the minimum requirements of the relevant Entrance Proficiency Tests (EPTs). The Ministry will at its discretion, require applicants to sit for the EPTs. Applicants will be informed to register and sit for the tests accordingly. If you are being considered for the teaching of Physical Education, you will be required to sit for and pass the Physical Proficiency Test before you are scheduled for the interview.

Registration Process

For information on the registration process, test and payment details, please refer to the relevant EPT web links below.

Important Note

The EPTs are part of the selection process. Applicants are thus advised to sit for the EPT on the scheduled test date.

Subject Entrance Proficiency Test
English-medium Subjects English Language EPT
Chinese Language Chinese Language EPT
Malay Language Malay Language EPT
Tamil Language Tamil Language EPT
Physical Education Physical Proficiency Test