Interested applicants may submit their applications on Careers@Gov during our next application window (7 – 27 August 2019).

A pen.

An ordinary piece of stationery.

But it can also be a powerful tool – in the hands of a teacher.

Beyond just using a pen to assess and grade, teachers use it to inspire belief.

Belief that you’re one step closer to your goal. That you can go further than you think. That you have it in you.

A teacher’s encouragement can uplift our spirits and begin a change in us that lasts a lifetime.

If you too believe there is potential in every student, join us as a teacher.

Belief. It begins with a teacher.

Share your love for a subject with your students, and help make it theirs

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Impersonation Scams

It has come to our attention that there have been incidents where scammers impersonate MOE Human Resource to phish for personal information and data, using the email address moe@teachers.org or via phone call. There have also been several advertisements placed by private recruitment agencies, both in Singapore and other countries, claiming to recruit teachers on our behalf. According to advertisements placed by some of these agencies, applicants are required to pay an application fee for the application form. Other applicants were told to submit original documents together with the application.

We would like to remind members of the public to exercise caution so that they do not unwittingly fall prey to such scams. Members of the public are advised to use only the official MOE website at www.moe.gov.sg and Careers@Gov website at www.careers.gov.sg for all informational and application needs concerning MOE matters. The application form is available free of charge to foreign applicants and a copy of the form is available from our website. Do note that the official correspondence from MOE HR will be sent from email addresses ending with “@moe.gov.sg”.

Non-legitimate websites and emails surface from time to time and we would like to remind members of the public to remain vigilant. Please be assured that access to the official MOE website remains unaffected and no data has been compromised.