Special Education Teachers

As at January 2018, there are 19 SPED schools run by 12 Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs). These SPED schools run programmes which cater to distinct disability groups of children. SPED Teachers need to be specially-trained to deliver the customised curriculum and pedagogy required by children with moderate to severe special educational needs. SPED teachers are employees of the VWOs running these SPED Schools.

Teaching in Special Education Schools - How to Apply?

If you are interested to teach in a Special Education (SPED) school, you may contact the Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) running government-funded SPED schools or the SPED school directly. SPED teachers are employees of the VWOs running these SPED schools. The list of SPED schools may be found at: https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/special-education/list-of-sped-schools.

MOE teachers who wish to be seconded to SPED schools may do so through the Annual Posting Exercise (APEX). SPED schools will advertise vacancies on the MOE Intranet during the APEX exercise.

Requirements to be a SPED Teacher

To apply to be a SPED teacher, interested applicants should possess either the local or foreign academic qualifications as listed below:

Local Academic Qualification Foreign Academic Qualification
2 ‘A’ /H2 Level passes and
2 ‘AO’ /H1 Level passes (including General Paper or Knowledge Inquiry)
  • Bachelor / Master in Special Education (SPED) or have taken sufficient SPED modules during their course of study

  • and
  • Course of study should include Practicum Teaching component(s) in SPED

  • and
  • Transcript to show competence in English if degree is not conducted in English.

Recognised full-time Diploma from:
  • Local Polytechnics or
  • Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts or
  • LASALLE College of the Arts
Good overall International Baccalaureate Diploma score

Professional Development Opportunities for Special Education (SPED) Teachers

SPED teachers are required to attend the Diploma in Special Education (DISE) conducted by National Institute of Education (NIE). This is a one-year full-time programme and is offered only for teachers already teaching in SPED schools. Schools will advise regarding application procedures and dates.

Continual Professional Development

MOE organises platforms for the professional upgrading of teachers and provides opportunities for collaboration in teaching and learning. Schools have Curriculum Leadership Teams (CLTs) and/or Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) which drive effective curriculum transformation and build a strong culture of professional dialogue and learning amongst teaching staff.

MOE Masters Scholarship in Special Education

The MOE Masters Scholarship in Special Education is open to SPED School Principals, Key Personnel and teachers. The Scholarship is tenable in either overseas or local institutions. Tuition and approved fees and expenses will be covered. Upon successful completion of their degrees, scholarship holders will serve a bond period both with MOE HQ and with their SPED schools.

Teacher Recognition

The MOE-NCSS SPED Teacher Award is an award presented by MOE and NCSS to recognise the outstanding contributions and efforts of our SPED teachers. There are two categories of awards: The Outstanding SPED Teacher Award and the Innovation Award.

The Outstanding SPED Teacher Award recognises the important role SPED teachers play in the education of children with special educational needs. The Innovation Award recognises innovation and excellence in SPED schools. It is awarded to innovations that improve teaching and learning and contribute to the building of a culture of excellence in SPED schools.