Last Updated: 13 October 2021

Vice-Principal (Administration)

A key member of the school’s senior management team, overseeing all non-curriculum areas. Learn more about the role and how to apply for it.

Roles and responsibilities

You will be a key member of the school’s senior management team and will be responsible for supporting the holistic education outcomes and learning experience of students through effective school administration and efficient management of resources.

You will also lead a team of Executive and Administrative staff to uphold service excellence in school and work in close collaboration with the teaching staff to achieve the desired school and educational outcomes.

Your key responsibilities include working with and supporting the Principal in these areas:

School strategic planning and implementation

  • Developing the school’s strategic goals and plan and driving continuous improvement.
  • Building collaborative partnerships and active engagement with key stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

School administration and management of resources

  • Overseeing finance, procurement, HR, inventory, and student-related administration and operations to ensure compliance with relevant policies/guidelines, and procedures and alignment with school’s strategic plan.
  • Allocating and managing resources efficiently to achieve the school’s goals.
  • Harnessing IT to increase productivity and enhance school processes.

Leadership and management of people

  • Leading and motivating the School Admin Team through promoting a culture of service excellence and growth, and to ensure the effective management of administrative and operations matters by conducting effective performance management and feedback.

School facility and security management

  • Overseeing the facility management and operations; and incorporating best practices to ensure a safe and conducive learning environment.
  • Ensuring appropriate security procedures and measures are in place/ready for implementation when required.


  • At least 10 years of general management experience including a minimum of 5 years in a leadership position.
  • Prior experience in strategic planning, finance and human resource management would be an advantage.
  • Strong strategic thinking, analytical and leadership skills.
  • A passion for educating and interacting with students
  • A dynamic and highly driven individual with strong communication, interpersonal and stakeholder management skills
  • Applicants should submit a cover letter including a short summary of relevant work experience and skillsets that would help you to contribute to the position


Applications are open till 17 October 2021. Submit your application via Careers@Gov. After submitting, you may periodically check your application status via Careers@Gov.

For applicants who are facing issues submitting your application through the Careers@Gov portal, please contact us at for assistance.