Last Updated: 24 September 2021

Outdoor Adventure Educator

Conduct activities, facilitate learning and ensure the well-being of students at MOE Outdoor Adventure Learning Centres. Learn more about the role and how to apply for it.


As an Outdoor Adventure Educator (OAE), you will conduct camping activities, facilitate learning and ensure the well-being of students at MOE Outdoor Adventure Learning Centres.

This position includes a sponsored 4-month basic training programme. You will receive a monthly salary during your training. Upon completion, you will need to serve for at least 1 year.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Conducting adventure camp activities and facilitating students’ reflection and learning.
  • Giving safety instructions on technical adventure equipment, and carrying out procedures to ensure students’ safety.
  • Providing administrative and logistical support to enable the smooth delivery of camp activities.
  • Participating in the planning and evaluation of the camps, to ensure that learning objectives are achieved.

As an OAE, you will typically work 5 days a week, which may include Saturdays. You may also be required to stay overnight for certain activities.


  • A strong interest in outdoor adventure activities.
  • Sufficient physical fitness level and no existing medical conditions that will impair one from carrying out outdoor adventure activities.
  • The ability to connect and establish rapport with students.
  • The ability to work under stressful conditions and environments.
  • The capability to perform and supervise activities at height and in the waters.
  • A willingness to work at night and reside at campsites for overnight activities.
  • Experience in conducting outdoor activities for students would be an advantage.

Salary and benefits

OAEs are appointed on the Allied Educator Scheme of Service. Successful candidates will be hired on a contract basis.

Your starting salary will range from $1,730 to $4,610. Your exact salary takes into consideration:

  • Your relevant work experience and time spent on the job.
  • Your academic training.
  • Whether you have completed full-time National Service.
Note: Information on salaries are accurate at the point of publication but may be subject to review and change.

You will also be eligible for these benefits:

  • 18 days of vacation leave.
  • Subsidised medical and dental benefits.
  • 14 days of medical leave without hospitalisation, and up to 60 days with hospitalisation.
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