Technical Support Officer

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Job Description

As a Technical Support Officer in the Ministry’s Headquarters, you will provide engineering support in the production of educational audio and video programmes for broadcast and/or distribution. This includes the operation and maintenance of specialised video/audio recording, editing, post-production and ancillary equipment systems.

Technical Support Officers may also be deployed to schools as School Laboratory Technicians or Education Workshop Instructors:

School Laboratory Technician

You will facilitate the delivery of science lessons and practical assessments by assisting in the smooth running of the science laboratories in our secondary schools, junior colleges or central institute.  This includes preparing and setting up of apparatus, reagents and materials. You will supervise the laboratory attendants in the daily operations and maintenance of the science laboratories in the school.  You will also assist in the preparations for Science department events and activities.

Education Workshop Instructor

You will prepare the teaching materials for instruction and pupils’ project work, and assist the Design and Technology teachers in the teaching of practical skills in metal, wood and plastics processing. You will also be assigned duties related to the upkeeping of the workshops, design studios and stores in the Technical department and the maintenance of tools, machinery and equipment.


  • A team player with good communication skills
  • Relevant expertise and work experience

Application Details

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