Professional Development and Career Tracks for MOE Kindergarten Educators

Learn more about the various professional development opportunities we offer, and the different career tracks available to help shape your career as an MOE Kindergarten Educator.


We are committed to helping our teachers learn and grow. You can look forward to training and development opportunities provided by MOE, to enhance your professional capabilities and teaching expertise.

Undergraduate and postgraduate studies

Scholarships, awards and leave provisions for you to further your studies.

Courses and conferences

Wide array of courses, conferences, seminars and forums to help you upgrade your professional knowledge with support from MOE’s pre-school curriculum specialists.

Career tracks

You can look forward to higher level appointments and postings within the MOE preschool family as you progress through your career. You could also be involved in curriculum development work.

As different MK Educators have different aspirations, the Ministry of Education has 2 career tracks you can pursue.