School Counsellor (Trained Applicants)

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Empowered by Empathy

Mr Ng Chye Shin Sean

Mr Ng Chye Shin Sean
Lead School Counsellor, North View Secondary School

As a lead school counsellor, Sean provides clinical supervision and consultation support to school counsellors and school leaders for four clusters of schools in Singapore. An average week can see him spending two days in his host school, and another school in the cluster, attending to students who require counselling services.

Although Sean’s job is no walk in the park as he is always on the move and the work can be psychologically draining at times, his passion to help students learn and grow is unwavering.

“Regardless of the challenges that our students and their families face, as counselling practitioners, we can help them make decisions to change for the better. This belief keeps me motivated for the work that I do.”

Job Description

As a School Counsellor, your primary role is to work with staff, students, parents, external professionals and community agencies to provide quality school counselling support for students’ mental health, and social-emotional development.

Your key roles and responsibilities include:

1. System Support:

  • Developing suitable school counselling programme including a system for needs analysis, early identification and referral of students with mental health issues and social, emotional and behavioural problems
  • Advising school management on school counselling matters
  • Providing consultation as well as planning and conducting training for staff and parents on pertinent mental health issues and skills for first-line intervention and support
  • Networking with relevant external professionals and community agencies
  • Evaluating and reporting to school management on the state of student mental health in the school, and effectiveness of the school counselling programme

2. Preventive Programme:

  • Developing and conducting small and large group psycho-educational sessions for students on mental health issues and healthy coping strategies
  • Developing and/or making available mental health resources for students, parents and staff

3. Responsive Services:

  • Providing individual and group counselling to students
  • Conference with staff, parents and external professionals / agencies on students being counselled, and conduct home visits where necessary
  • Looking into the referral of students and their families to community resources or external professionals where needed
  • Providing direct crisis intervention and follow-up to students affected by critical incidents
  • Maintaining case consultation records and proper documentation
  • Providing regular updates to school management on progress of students being seen for counseling

Former School Counsellors or individuals with a relevant counselling qualification recognised by the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) can join us as a Flexi-Adjunct School Counsellor [FAJ(SC)].

Job Requirements

  • Applicants should have good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Preferably at least one year of full-time working experience in educating, counselling and/or volunteer work involving children and youths
  • Applicants should possess a university degree with professional counselling qualifications such as a post-graduate Diploma/ Masters in Counselling; those without a degree and possess relevant counselling qualification and experience may also apply.

Remuneration & Benefits

School Counsellors are appointed on the Allied Educator Scheme of Service. Successful candidates will be offered appointment on a contract basis.

The starting salary ranges from $2,760 to $4,610.

Your appointment grade and starting salary will take into consideration the relevance of your experience to the position, time spent on the job, and your academic training. You will also be eligible for annual and performance bonuses. You will be granted additional salary increments if you have completed full-time National Service.

Note: Information on salaries are accurate at the point of publication but may be subject to review and change.

Other service benefits include:

  • Subsidised medical and dental benefits.
  • Medical leave (14 days sick leave or 60 days sick leave if warded in a hospital).
  • School holidays (School Counsellors can enjoy school holidays if their services are not required during the holidays).
  • Up to 10 days of leave for Urgent Private Affairs (subject to approval).
  • Use of Civil Service Club Chalets at subsidised rates.
  • Public Officers Group Insurance Scheme (Optional).

Career Development

We offer good career advancement opportunities under the Allied Educators Scheme, which allows officers to build expertise in their areas of specialisation. Officers who demonstrate good performance and potential can look forward to taking on higher level appointments in schools as well as leadership positions in the Ministry’s headquarters.

Application Details

If you are a trained counsellor with professional counselling qualifications, please visit Careers@Gov to apply for the position.

We regret that incomplete application forms will not be considered and only short-listed applicants will be notified for interview. As selection interviews for the School Counsellor position are conducted on a monthly basis, short-listed candidates will be invited for the next available interview within a month from the date of application.

If you do not possess any professional counselling qualifications, click here to find out more about School Counsellor (For Applicants without Counselling Training).

We regret that incomplete application forms will not be considered and only short-listed applicants will be notified for interview.

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