Posting Results Release Phase

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The Secondary 1 (S1) posting results will be released in the 3rd/ 4th week of December. Students should report to their posted secondary schools on the next working day after the release of the posting results.

Parents and students will be able to check the posting results via:

  • Short Messaging System (SMS) via applicant’s local mobile number (if provided by applicants during the S1 Option Phase)
  • Secondary 1-Internet System (S1-IS)
  • Child’s primary school

You may wish to know: 

MOE will consider appeals for transfer after the S1 Posting Exercise. Such transfers are subject to availability of vacancies and will only be considered for students with:

  • Serious medical conditions (e.g. chronic heart conditions, kidney problems)
  • Dyslexia and Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Physical disabilities (e.g. using wheelchair, crutches)

These students should first report at their posted secondary schools on the next working day after the release of posting results. They can apply for school transfer by submitting an application form to the school by 12 noon on that day. All applications must be accompanied with the relevant supporting documents.

The results of the appeals will only be made known to applicants in early January. Applicants should continue to attend lessons at their posted secondary school while waiting for the results of the appeal. Applicants may check the outcome of their appeals with the secondary school that they were posted to.