Uplift Scholarship

The UPLIFT Scholarship recognises the achievements of students in Independent Schools who have performed well academically or in specific talent areas and are from lower-income families.



No application is required. ISB recipients receiving 100% fee subsidy will be auto-awarded the UPLIFT Scholarship.


  • The UPLIFT Scholarship provides a cash award of $800 per annum.

  • The Scholarship is tenable for (i) the duration of course of study, starting from the year of entry for DSA students (ii) the duration of ESIS award, starting from the year of award.

  • Renewal of Scholarship is subject to student (i) progressing to the next level of study (ii) displaying good conduct (iii) with family’s financial income within GHI≤ $4,000 or PCI ≤ $1,000 during subsequent years of study.