Living in Singapore

Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious society. Here you will find a wide spectrum of religions, cultures and languages co-existing harmoniously.

This vibrant mix of ethnic and religious groups offers international students a wide spectrum of choices for living and playing in Singapore.

Singapore has a warm and humid climate all year-round, with temperatures ranging from 23 to 33 degrees centigrade, with occasional rain especially at the end of the year. Light and summer clothing is the preferred dress code. Students in primary and secondary schools as well as junior colleges wear school uniforms prescribed by the schools.

Singapore’s low crime rates and high standards of living are world-renowned and offers scholars a most conducive environment for study. A myriad of sports, entertainment and attractions are available for all students to pursue in their leisure time.

Co-curricular Activities

Apart from striving for academic excellence, it is just as important to participate in student clubs and associations, and take part in various sports and competitions. These are known as co-curricular activities (CCA) and are part of Singapore’s efforts to nurture all-rounded students.

Most educational institutions cater to a wide range of interests, from sports and recreation to cultural and niche activities. In some educational institutions, students are even encouraged to form clubs of their own and handle its recruitment and activities.

By participating in such activities, students will gain much insight into leadership, sportsmanship and form invaluable friendships with students of other cultures and races.

Students in Singapore not only work hard but play hard too. Scholars are encouraged to make the most of their learning experience by joining in a few of these activities.

To find out more about the different co-curricular activities you can join, visit the Co-curricular branch website.