Cost of Living in Singapore

As a scholar, the items below are covered by the scholarship:

  • Accommodation
  • Food (breakfast & dinner) provided by the hostel/boarding school
  • Medical benefits & accident insurance
  • School fees
  • Examination fees

A scholar in Singapore spends an average of S$200 to S$300 a month on living expenses. This amount would vary depending on individual lifestyle and course of study. In general, when planning your budget you will need to cater for these basic items:

  • School miscellaneous/supplementary fees
  • Food (lunch in school)
  • Transport
  • Clothing/school uniform
  • Telecommunications (mobile phones)
  • Books & stationery
  • Personal expenses

The table below serves as a guide on the basic expenditure a scholar may incur in a month.

Items not covered by scholarship Cost per month
School Miscellaneous Fees $13 - $60 (varies with schools)
Food (lunch) $90 - $150 (based on $3 - $5 a day for each meal)
Transport $20 - $100 (varies with types of student concession pass)
Clothing $30 - $100 (varies with individuals, can be covered by settling-in allowance)
Telecommunications From $30 (varies with usage, and promotional packages subscribed)
Books & Stationery $30 - $70 (varies with course)
Personal Expenses $50 - $100 (varies with individuals; toiletries, entertainment, haircut, miscellaneous)