Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

  1. What criteria do I have to fulfil in order to apply for the scholarship?

    Students who are Indian nationals can apply for the scholarship. The eligibility criteria for the scholarship can be found on the A*STAR India Youth Scholarship page.

  2. Can I apply for the scholarship if I am already studying in a Singapore school?

    No. Students studying in Singapore schools are not eligible to apply for the scholarship.

  3. When do scholarship applications open?

    The application period for the scholarship is usually between early June and mid July annually.

  4. How do I apply?

    There are 2 modes of application—online or hardcopy application. Each applicant should submit only ONE application and the online mode is strongly recommended.

    Please refer to the A*STAR India Youth Scholarship page during the application period.

  5. What is the application process like?

    Short-listed applicants have to go through a selection test. Candidates who perform well in the selection test will be invited to undergo a selection interview. Students who have done well in the selection interview will then be awarded the scholarship.

  6. How will I know if I have been short-listed for the selection test and/or interview?

    You will be notified by post a week before the selection test and interview dates whether you have been short-listed for the selection test or interview. You will not receive any notification if you are not short-listed for the selection test.

  7. How many scholarships are given out every year?

    The number of scholarships given varies from year to year. Scholarships will be offered to all students who achieved outstanding performances in the selection test and interview.

  8. How will I know if I have been awarded the scholarship and how much time do I have to decide whether to accept it?

    You will be notified by post whether you have been awarded the scholarship. You will be given approximately 1 week to decide whether you would like to accept the scholarship.

  9. Can I choose the secondary school and hostel I am posted to?

    The choice of the secondary school and hostel scholars are posted to will be decided by the Ministry of Education. Scholars will be posted to the selected secondary school. The Ministry will try as far as possible to post scholars to hostels close to their secondary school.

  10. What is the medium of instruction in Singapore schools?

    All subjects (except Mother Tongue eg. Chinese, Malay and Tamil) are taught in English.

  11. If I have studied another language in my home country and it is not offered in Singapore, do I still have to take up a Mother Tongue language?

    You might now have to offer a Mother Tongue language in this case. However, it is subject to approval on a case-by-case basis.

  12. Where can I get more information about secondary school / junior college education and the syllabuses in Singapore?

  13. Will the scholarship allowance be sufficient for all my expenses in Singapore?

    Please refer to the page on the cost of living to find out more. You should also note that scholars are required to pay any miscellaneous fees that the school may charge.

  14. Will the hostels provide meals for the scholars? Will special food requirements such as halal/Indian/vegetarian food be available at the hostels?

    Generally, the hostels provide breakfast and dinner for the scholars. Meal provisions are available for Indian vegetarians and Muslims.

  15. How often can I visit my home country while holding the scholarship?

    As often as you like at your own cost during the school vacations, if you do not have any school activities. During the school term, you will need the prior approval of the principal of the school that you are in before visiting your home country.