Admission to Primary School

You may admit your child to primary school at any time during the year. You are encouraged to seek admission for your child in the first half of the year, as the school year is from January to November each year.

P1 Registration

Eligibility for P1 Registration

If your child is due to enter Primary One, you are strongly encouraged to register your child while abroad during the Primary One Registration Exercise (usually held from July to September in the preceding year). You can find the application form and details of the registration procedure at Information for Overseas Singaporeans in the Primary One Registration section.

Upon obtaining a place and you are still not due to return to Singapore in time for your child to start Primary One, you can apply to keep the place for your child under the Leave of Absence (LOA) Scheme at the registered school.

If your child missed the P1 registration exercise, your child will still be allocated a school place through the assured school placement.

Assured School Placement for Primary Schools

If your child is on Leave of Absence (LOA), he/she can re-join the former school immediately upon his/her return to Singapore. If your child is not on LOA, you can approach MOE for assistance.

For Returning Singaporeans who have no particular school preference, MOE will guarantee your child a place in a school with vacancies near to your residence. You can inform us using the Application Form for School Placement for Returning Singaporeans no earlier than three months before the intended date of school admission. MOE will take approximately three working days to identify a list of primary schools that have vacancies for you to choose from, based on the residential address indicated in your application form. Once a school place is confirmed, it will be guaranteed and reserved for your child in advance of your return. Nearer to your return to Singapore, you can contact the school to arrange for any pre-admission procedures. For instance, the school may conduct school-based assessment tests and/or interview to determine the level and class to place your child into, before your child starts school.

If a permanent Singapore address is not available at the point of this application, you will have to provide an intended residential area in Singapore for us to process your request.

Please note that schools will generally not admit students in the final term of the academic year (i.e. October to November), as this will not be educationally beneficial to your child. Hence, if you apply for admission after September, we will process your application and inform you by end-December for admission in the following year.

The Assured School Placement for Returning Singaporeans provides greater certainty and convenience to returning Singaporeans. For the contact details of our schools, please refer to the School Information Service (SIS).

For more information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.


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