Application Process

Key Events & Dates for 2020 AEIS

International students can apply from 15 July 2020 onwards to take part in the AEIS and sit for the centralised test appropriate for their age cohorts. Application for each level will close when all available places for that level are taken up. Applicants are therefore strongly encouraged to apply early, make payment and e-mail the required supporting documents to within one week of the online application.

Date Event Mode
15 Jul – 28 Aug 2020 Application for AEIS test Online application, payment and e-mail of supporting documents to
By 10 Sep 2020 Receive entry proof for AEIS test E-mail
22 Sep 2020 Conduct of AEIS test (Sec 1) In person
23 Sep 2020 Conduct of AEIS test (Sec 3) In person
24 Sep 2020 Conduct of AEIS test (Pri 4 - 5 and Sec 2) In person
25 Sep 2020 Conduct of AEIS test (Pri 2 - 3) In person
16 Dec 2020 Release of school offers (Pri 2 - 5 and Sec 2 - 3) Online
17 Dec – 31 Dec 2020 International students to report to school (Pri 2 - 5 and Sec 2 - 3) In person
23 Dec 2020 Release of school offers (Sec 1) Online
28 Dec 2020 – 11 Jan 2021 International students to report to school (Sec 1) In person

How to apply for AEIS

For more information on the AEIS application, please read the sections below before you proceed to complete the AEIS Online Application form. Applicants must use a valid e-mail address in the application.

In the event that you are unable to access the AEIS application page, you may try again at a later time.

Fees Payable

The AEIS fee is S$672.00 (inclusive of GST). This fee is strictly non-refundable. Any requests for a refund will not be considered. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider their availability for the test before applying.

Applicants may make payment through one of the following modes:

Payment Mode
Payment Details
Debit/Credit Card (Preferred)
Payment by debit/credit card is only available online.

Other payment modes (PayNow/NETS)

You will receive an email: 

  • with QR code for PayNow payment
  • with instructions on making payment via NETS

If you are paying by NETS, you are to make an appointment at least two days in advance before proceeding to:

Customer Service Centre
(Podium Block of MOE Building),
Ministry of Education, Singapore,
1 North Buona Vista Drive,
Singapore 138675

Applicants may visit the Customer Service Centre webpage for more details about operating hours, peak periods and the E-Appointment service. 


Submission of Supporting Documents

Applicants are required to submit the following supporting documents (clear and legible in PDF or JPEG):

  • Applicant's birth certificate (if birth certificate is in other languages, submit an accurate English translated copy) and
  • Applicant's passport with validity of at least 6 months

After completing the AEIS application online and making payment, applicants are to e-mail the supporting documents to within one week of online application. Please indicate the applicant's name (as per passport) in the subject title.  

What happens after Submission of Supporting Documents

Applicants whose application and payment are in order will receive an official e-mail notification from the Singapore Examinations & Assessment Board (SEAB). The official e-mail notification will include the AEIS entry proof (with applicant's details, index number, timetable for the tests, test venue) and instructions for applicants.

The timetable is as follows:


Mathematics English
Date Level Start Time Duration Start Time Duration
22 Sep 2020 Sec 1 08:00  2 hr 15 min 10:55  2 hr 10 min
23 Sep 2020 Sec 3 08:00 2 hr 15 min 10:55 2 hr 10 min
24 Sep 2020 Sec 2 08:00 2 hr 15 min 10:55 2 hr 10 min
Pri 4 and Pri 5 13:45 1 hr 25 min 15:50 2 hr
25 Sep 2020
Pri 2 08:30 1 hr 5 min 10:15 1 hr 
Pri 3  12:00 1 hr 5 min 13:45  1 hr

All applicants are to refer to their entry proof for instructions on their reporting time and be seated at their assigned desks at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the test with the following documents:

  • Applicant’s original passport

  • A copy of the entry proof issued by SEAB

Preparing for the AEIS

Applicants should note that English is the medium of instruction and are strongly encouraged to prepare in advance of the tests.

Applicants should be familiar with the English and Mathematics syllabuses of the level preceding the one they are applying for. For instance, an applicant who wishes to seek admission to Secondary 3 should be familiar with Secondary 2 content. An applicant who wishes to seek admission to Primary 3 and is assigned the Primary 2 / 3 test should be familiar with Primary 1 and 2 content. An applicant who is age appropriate to seek admission only to Primary 2 and is assigned the Primary 2 / 3 test only needs to be familiar with Primary 1 content. Details on the syllabuses can be found on the subject syllabuses webpages.

For more information on the AEIS centralised test and the test format, please see the section Information on AEIS Centralised Test.