The Singapore Teaching Practice

The Singapore Teaching Practice model

The Singapore Teaching Practice is a model that makes explicit how effective teaching and learning is achieved in Singapore schools. The STP is represented in the form of an orchid to reflect the Singapore context within which we practise our craft.

The four core Teaching Processes at the heart of Pedagogical Practices (PP) make explicit what teachers put into practice and reflect on before, during and after their interaction with students in all learning contexts. When applying and reflecting on the four Teaching Processes, teachers can look into the corresponding 24 Teaching Areas with accompanying Teaching Actions or Considerations.

Four Core Teaching Processes at the heart of Pedagogical Practices (PP)

The Singapore Curriculum Philosophy presents our teaching fraternity’s core beliefs about teaching and learning. These beliefs, which place every student at the heart of our educational decisions, guide the design and implementation of our curriculum.

  • We believe in holistic education.
  • We believe that every child wants to and can learn. We focus on children’s learning needs when designing learning experiences.
  • We believe that learning flourishes
    • in caring and safe learning environments,
    • when children construct knowledge actively,
    • through the development of thinking skills and dispositions, and
    • when assessment is used to address children’s learning gaps.

Teaching Action: What I Know, Want to Know and Have Learned (KWL)