Information Technology


To ensure strategic deployment of IT services and systems, and to provide quality IT services and infrastructure to enable Ministry of Education to achieve excellence in administration, management and education.


  • Ensure optimisation of investment in IT systems and infrastructure
  • Provide expert advice on the deployment of information technologies and their relevant application in MOE HQ and Schools for teaching and learning
  • Work with users to identify, conceptualise, develop and implement IT systems
  • Provide users with an accessible, reliable and integrated IT infrastructure
  • Provide users with responsive and comprehensive IT support services
  • Educate users on technology trends and applications, their implications on policies, plans and processes

Organisation Chart

  • Mr. Lim Boon Wee
    Deputy Secretary
    Services Wing
  • Mr. Tan Bee Teck
    Chief Information Officer / Divisional Director
    Information Technology Division
    • Ms. Cong Rong
      Deputy CIO / Director
      Digital Workplace for Schools
      • Mr. Ernest Chung
        Deputy Director
        Schools Admin Applications
      • Ms. Soh Sock Mui
        Senior Assistant Director
        School Support & Governance
      • Ms. Lee Soon Lan
        Deputy Director
        Programme Management Office
      • Mr. Calvin Ng
        Deputy Director
        Schools Infrastructure
    • Ms. Teo Lan See
      Deputy CIO / Director
      Platforms & Ops Management
      • Mr. Ramesh Kumar
        Deputy Director
        Connected Network Infrastructure
      • Mrs. Yeap-Thong Siew Gaik
        Deputy Director
        Cloud Platform & Common Services
      • Mr. Robin Seah
        Deputy Director
        Application Infrastructure & DevOps
      • Mr. Samuel Ng
        Senior Assistant Director
        Adaptive Desktop Infrastructure & Premium Support
    • Mr. Lew Joo Hian
      Deputy Director
      Administration, Budget & Procurement & Communications
      • Ms. Lam Hwee Ming
        Senior Assistant Director
        Procurement, Finance & School Support
      • Ms. Adeline Choo
        Senior Assistant Director
        Administration & Communications
    • Ms. Charis Yan
      Deputy CIO / Director
      Learn for Life Journey
      • Mr. Irene Lam
        Deputy Director
        Assessment & Exam Administration
      • Mr. John Ho
        Deputy Director
        Registration & Placement
      • Ms. Angela Chia
        Deputy Director
        Teaching & Learning
    • Ms. See Mei Yeen
      Deputy CIO / Director
      Parents/Students Journey & DWP for Staff
      • Mr. Chong Chee Keng
        Senior Assistant Director
        Staff Digital Workplace
      • Mr. Chew Chin Yao
        Senior Assistant Director
        Finance & Admin
      • Mr. Victor Chua
        Deputy Director
        Parents/Students Digital Services
    • Mr. Benny Ou
      Experimental Systems & Technology Lab
    • Ms. Charis Yan
      Deputy CIO / Director
      IT Planning & Policy (Unit)
    • Ms. Teo Lan See
      Deputy CIO / Director
      ICT Security & Cybersecurity Governance (Unit)
    • Ms. cAsh Chng
      Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
    • Ms. Tay Hui Hoon
      Deputy Director
      Analytics & Data Management (Unit)