Infrastructure & Facility Services

The Infrastructure & Facility Services Division comprises of the following branches:

  • School Campus Department
  • Development Planning Branch
  • HQ Services Branch


School Campus Department
Manages the school building and infrastructure work including on-site upgrading, minor works and improvement, maintenance and advising on infrastructure-related issues.
Oversees school building policies including specification designs and national initiatives such as community sharing
Responsible for the design and implementation of new schools
Development Planning Branch
Monitors and reviews projections of school places, new schools, relocation and merger of schools;
Reviews and formulates the framework for infrastructure planning such as Programme for Rebuilding and Improving Existing schools (PRIME), Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) and Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI); and
Reviews and monitors land use planning and land policies affecting schools.
HQ Services Branch
Responsible for the planning, development and management of MOE HQ facilities and office spaces
Provides HQ Registry and despatch services
Provides administrative policy support on school-related services such as school canteen, bookshops and school bus services

Organisation Chart

  • Mr. Lim Boon Wee
    Deputy Secretary
    Services Wing
  • Mrs. Choo Lee See
    Divisional Director
    Infrastructure & Facility Services Division
      • Mr. Albert Choo
        Director of Infrastructure
        School Campus Department
      • Mr. Albert Choo (Covering)
        Future Campus & Specifications
      • Mr. Pu Chwan Chai
        Senior Deputy Director
        School Campus (North & East)
      • Mr. Yem Kai Cheong
        Senior Deputy Director
        School Campus (South & West)
    • Mr. Eng Wee Tong
      Special Projects (Infrastructure)
    • Ms. Evelyn Tan
      Development Planning Branch
    • Ms. Sally Lok
      Special Projects (Development Planning)
    • Mrs. Connie Ng
      Deputy Director
      Corporate and School Administration Services, HQ Services Branch
    • Mr. Goh Min Seong
      Deputy Director
      HQ Facilities Management, HQ Services Branch