Kind and Dedicated Teacher

— Shairafaye Romaguera Revindran

Mdm Nani is a very kind teacher who always thrives to teach us. Even if someone hadn’t done well in the examination, she would still try and try to help that person no matter what and that’s what I appreciate most about her. She’s a teacher who genuinely wants to see a student succeed and my classmates and I are truly blessed to have her as a teacher especially in our 6th year at Primary School.

Sometimes during weekends, Mdm Nani would spend time marking our work instead of spending time with her family and on some nights, she would think of how each and everyone of us can improve. Whenever she teaches, you can really tell she’s doing it with all her heart and the determination to teach us is clearly visible. Not only does she teach my classmates and me English, but, she also explains to us why we should be pupils of values and the importance of values in our characters. In my class, some of my classmates had failed but thankfully, they have Mdm Nani who never stops seeing hope in them!

Thank you Mdm Nani all you’ve done for us. I know sometimes we can make you frustrated, but we will forever appreciate you! Thank you for all the hard work you put in for us to improve! I hope my classmates and I will make you proud when we get our PSLE results!

Imparting The Best Knowledge

— Evonne

Thank you to the P1.3 teachers of Kheng Cheng School for the energy you put into teaching and imparting knowledge the best you could for my son. Thank you also for filling each school day with fun and caring. Keep up the wonderful work and happy holiday!

Showing Appreciation

— Isabelle Lok Zi-En

I really like Ms Lenden's teaching style. It requires a lot of effort as she has to tolerate the class unwillingness to participate and she forces us to think on our own instead of spoon feeding us! Also, she gives us real life analogies which make it easier for us to understand and she is really approachable and friendly! Ms Lenden also cares about her students a lot. When my friends and I participated in a book parade, she guided us and even bought marshmallows for us. She really cares a lot about us and I want to thank her for all that!

Caring and Dedicated Teachers

— christine Chee

Thank you Ms Daena Chng and Mr Terance Wong of St Theresa Convent for going the extra mile, motivating and inspiring my daughter to work hard and to believe in herself. Your encouragement has certainly boosted her confidence and self-esteem.

Taking Every Step to Understand

— Quiny King

Thank you so much to Mdm Rev from St. Andrew's Junior School. Though she is not the teacher-in-charge for my son this year, she is still willing to help me when I need help from her for my son. She is patient and kind indeed. She took every step to understand my son’s thinking and I am glad that he is quite well behaved during his time with Mdm Rev.

Patient and Good Parent-Teacher Support

— Quiny King

Many thanks to Mr Alvin. He has given a lot of help to both my children though they are in different levels. He is so patience and he takes the trouble to update and guide parents through our children's unfinished schoolwork. Many thanks to Mr Alvin for your time & effort. Appreciated.

Motivation to Improve on Mother Tongue Chinese

— Pauline Quek

I wish to express my gratitude to Ms Lin who has taught my P6 son Mother Tongue Chinese. My son has been singing praises of his teacher’s hard work and patience in teaching them. She always motivates him to work harder, which my son has been very grateful for. He is fortunate to be taught by her. It has taken me by surprise that he is taking the subject much more seriously as he does not wish to disappoint Ms Lin. Thank you and Happy Teachers’ Day!

Remembering the Guidance and Teachings

— Edsel Ong

Thank you, Mrs Choo. Though you are not teaching me now, I will never forget your guidance to make me a better person. I will always remember your teachings and strive hard for my PSLE.

Constant Guidance and Encouragement

— Chona Vinluan Simon

Dear Ms. Chia, thank you for supporting our son throughout his P5 learning. He’s been delivering great results and have grown in confidence and responsibility. No doubt he achieved all of these because of your constant guidance and encouragement. Thank you for everything that you do for the students at KCS! Happy Teachers’ Day!

Fun and Enjoyable Lessons!

— C L Loh

Being a Chinese Teacher, Ms Shum Wen Hui has been very encouraging to my son. Her lessons are filled with fun and very enjoyable. You are such a great teacher, Ms Shum!

A Great Inspiration!

— Mrs Adeline Sim

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ms Yee for her perseverance and dedication to the girls in her math class. She has taken time to explain concepts to them and has been extremely patient. You have been a great inspiration! Thank you and Happy Teachers’ Day!

Thank You Teachers of Class 2D

— Irene Yong

Thank you to all the teachers in Class 2D. Thank you for being patient, understanding towards my daughter. You all are very important persons in her growing up. No amount of words can express my thanks to you all. Once again, Thank You so much for being the teachers of Class 2D.

Responsible and Experienced Educators

— Pei Ying

We would like compliment Mrs Chua-Lai of Yumin Primary School for being a great teacher. She is a very responsible, dedicated and experienced teacher. She makes the learning journey for Chinese Language fun and interesting. Through her teaching and guidance, my child is motivated to do well.

We would also like to thank the Principal, Mdm Rao for her great leadership. Thank you for believing that every child matters and there is a champion waiting to be discovered in every child.

Our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Mdm Rao and Mrs Chua. Thank you for your love, care and patience towards my child.

Approachable Teacher Who Never Fails to Give Help

— Guo Pei Shan

Ms Tan is a caring and dedicated teacher who makes extra effort to make the children grow and she encourages them to take on challenges. She loves her students and never fail to help those students who also need more help. She is also patient, makes effort to ensure that her students learn well at a conducive environment so that they can benefit from it.

I am especially grateful to her that my son has improved quite well in both academic and socially in school this year. He enjoys his school very much and we are happy that he is learning and adapting well to the school.

Ms Tan is also easily approachable when parents need more information on their children’s learning. She is really an awesome and wonderful teacher. Thank you and Happy Teachers’ Day!

Making A Difference

— Jiang dan

Thank you Mdm Ong for helping me with my schoolwork. I never thought I could have gotten through the work you gave us without your teaching. Thank you for answering the questions my father asked you about and Happy Teacher’s Day!

Kudos to All the Teachers!

— Sharon Oh

Thank you very much for putting in so much effort in moulding and nurturing the boys at St Andrew’s Junior School. Just want to let each and everybody of you to know that you are greatly appreciated and your efforts are not left unnoticed. Kudos to all the teachers! Being in a class of close to 40 boys is definitely a challenge every day.

Thank You for The Guidance

— Sharon Oh

We'll like to take this opportunity to thank Tang Laoshi for always being so patient even though our son has not been the most compliant of all. So much effort put into guiding our son. Just like to let you know that we appreciate you for what you have done.

Thank you!

A Dedicated and Inspiring Educator

— Pauline Tan

My son and I would to thank Mr Ignatius Lim for his dedication and care shown to his students. He is an inspiring English teacher who has gone the extra mile to motivate his students to love the subject such as sharing inspirational stories, reaching out to parents and students proactively to improve students’ learning and well-being. Mr Lim, thank you for believing in the potential of your students and wishing you a Happy Teachers’ Day!

Inspiring Teacher Who Brings Out the Best in The Students

— Pauline Tan

My son and I would like to thank Mdm Srimalina for her care and dedication. As my son’s Form Teacher for the past 2 years, she has been a nurturing and inspiring educator who believes in bringing out the best in every child; anchored in values. She instils the joy of learning through adopting innovative teaching methods and the use of technology to excite the students. Mdm Srimalina values the well-being of every child and seeks collaborations with parents to promote the holistic development of their children. We are very grateful to have her as the Form teacher, teaching my son English and Math.

Mdm Sri, wishing you a Happy Teachers Day! Thank you for the great effort in taking care of our children!

Appreciation for the Effort of the Teacher

— Chak Eu Juen

I'd like to thank Ms Chia for putting effort to teach and motivate us when we don't do well. I can't think of a teacher who could have made lessons any more as interesting than you did. You truly are one of the best teacher I had ever encountered in my school.

Thank you Mr Sean Chng

— Denise Ng

I would like express my appreciation to Mr Chng from St Andrew’s Junior School. His dedication and patience to his class is commendable. Thank you for your support!

A Great Patient Teacher

— Clarissa You His Ying

Mdm Nani is a great teacher. She is always patient with us and explain to us carefully when we don't understand. I really like a teacher like her! In her lesson, I have learnt a lot of stuff and how to be responsible. My class is very lucky to have her!

Always Showing Care and Concern

— Ang Ping Ping

Thank you Mdm Jiao of Rulang Pri for being such a dedicated teacher. I am really touched to see the care and concern for the Primary 6 students that are under your care, which much surpass even your own pain after your operation. Your strong dedication to education truly benefits the students especially at this crucial period when PSLE is round the corner.

Helping Students to Improve

— Nathanael

Mr Chia from St. Andrew’s Junior School is a teacher that helped me improve my math, and a teacher that lightens the stressful atmosphere with occasional jokes. Thank you Mr Chia! I will do better and get an 'A' for PSLE. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Wonderful Supportive Partner

— Carrie Soh

To a working mum, having a supportive teacher who can partner me to enrich my son’s learning journey is key. I am extremely happy to have found that partner in Ms Tiew. She is proactive and attentive. She knows how to engage the students and build their interest in learning. Most importantly, she instils the right values and lessons that would teach them to be independent in life.

It gives me great joy to see my boy coming home full of non-stop chatter about his fun day in school with his Form Teacher and classmates. It makes me happy to see him taking responsibility for his own learning because in my son’s words, “Ms Tiew taught us to do this and do that”. Thank you, Ms Tiew for being a wonderful partner! Happy Teachers’ Day!

Dedicated and Nurturing Teacher

— Cheryl

Thank you Mdm Hazalee from Anchor Green Pri for your dedication to nurturing the children and your constant communication with us parents. My son is very blessed to have you as his form teacher for 2 years. Happy Teachers’ Day and have a good break!

Always There for The Students

— Cheryl

Thank you Mrs Ng from Anchor Green Pri for being strict yet approachable. My daughter has shown improvement in her studies and enjoys your sharing of stories.

Happy Teachers’ Day and have a good break!

Encouraging Students to Do Their Best

— Tarini Shukla

Mdm Shubana encouraged our class to do their best even though we were lagging behind a whole year. If it weren’t for you, I would have never gotten 90% for English, which was the highest I have ever gotten for English. Thank you for your effort.

Helping Students to Excel in Mathematics

— Emma Zheng

Thank you Mdm Asmi for your patience in guiding me for all my maths questions. I’m so glad that I’m in your class. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Making School Days Enjoyable

— Brenda Ong

Mdm Lew from St Andrew’s Junior School is a teacher filled with passion. Really appreciate all her efforts and kind touchers which make my son’s school days enjoyable. Thank you Mdm Lew!

Making a Difference

— Fatima Sadriwala

Thank you Ms Foo Phang Kim for laying a strong foundation in the early years P1 & P2 of my daughter’s formal education years at Haig Girls’ School. She has learnt great organisational skills, respect for others, and working with peers amongst others. Thank you and we will miss you in P3.

Always There for the Students

— Aye Aung

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mdm Teng Yan Ni of Unity Pri who is a form teacher of my son. She has been very responsive to any queries via email/phone. Her comprehensive comments/suggestions during the parents-teacher conference are really valuable, and she provides great assistance and guidance to our son. Many thanks for your kindness, patience and guidance to our son and every individual students.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Sparking Joy in Learning Mandarin

— Chan K-ian

Thank you Ying “Lao Shi” / Mdm Ying of St Andrew’s Junior School for teaching me how to write and read the Chinese words. I like the mini games that you let us play while helping us to learn Chinese better.

Sparking an Interest in Music

— Chan K-ian

Thank you Mrs Tan of St Andrew’s Junior School for teaching me how to play different instruments and the chords. I wish you Happy Teachers’ Day.

Dedicated Teacher

— Daphne

Heartfelt gratitude goes to Mdm Tricia Tork at St Andrews Junior School. Thank you for your patience and the extra time spent to ensure emotional well-being of the children. God bless dedicated teacher like you.

Skilful and Professional Teacher

— Daphne

Sincere gratitude to Mr Lee Lin Sen from St Andrew's Junior School. Thank you for your dedication in teaching maths. Teaching 40 in a class is never an easy job. Mr Lee has been able to engage his students and make sure they understand the concepts and master the skills and strategies to handle the questions. We truly appreciate his professionalism. Thank you and Happy Teachers' Day!

Simply An Inspiration

— Rayhan s/o Mohd Rashad

Dear Mdm Rao of Yumin Pri, you have been an inspiration to us all. Thank you.

Tolerant, Educative, Active, Caring, Helpful, Exemplary and Responsible (TEACHER)

— Dianey

Our sincere gratification & appreciation to my boy's form teachers Mdm Norimah and Mr Alvin of St Andrew's Junior School. Thank you for working tirelessly to be a Tolerant, Educative, Active, Caring, Helpful, Exemplary and Responsible TEACHER. Thank you for teaching my son to be a better boy today!

Caring and Supportive Teachers

— Ng Yao Xian

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our son' teachers Mdm Halima and Mdm Lin of St Andrew’s Junior School for caring and being supportive. Thank you so much. Happy Teachers' Day!

Nurturing Teachers That Allows a Child to Thrive

— Janis Pang

My son is an introvert and did not take to spending half a day in school well. I remembered in his early Primary 1 days, when he would come home and sob quietly in a corner because school was simply too much for him. Now he actually looks forward to school and has even taken up leadership positions. I did not take this journey for granted and there are 3 teachers that I sincerely want to thank.

Mrs Rena Lee, his form teacher in P1 and 2 at St Andrew’s Junior School, was instrumental in helping him dispel his fears and enjoy school. She cultivated in him a love for writing by asking him to write weekly journals on top of the official curriculum, which she did not grade but treated as an experience to share their lives with her. I kept that journal to this day!

Mrs Jenine Soh, his form teacher in P4, continued to build on his interest when she used a variety of ways to make creative writing fun and interesting. On his own, he would now pick up books at a bookshop and marvel at how beautiful some of the phrases are! Under her care, he gradually opened up and plucked up courage to serve in leadership positions. I am eternally grateful to her.

His current form teacher, Mr Chia Tien-Hao, brought learning to yet another level when he introduced various extra-curricular activities to the class, while not compromising on the curriculum. I am amazed that school can actually be made so fun that my son actually looks forward to next day's class! Mr Chia is also forthright about what he thinks my son can and should achieve, and he had shared with us his aspirations. It is a blessing and a rarity to have a teacher so invested in a child's life. We are so grateful.

Caring and Effective Teacher

— Titus Ezekiel

Mr Fernandez at St Andrew’s Junior School controls the class well so we can all settle down to learn better. He is firm and sets high expectations for us, both in English and PE lessons. Thank you for being a caring and effective teacher and blessed Teachers’ Day to you.

Dedicated Teacher Who Helps Students in Need

— Hector Toh

Mr Tay of St Andrew’s Junior School is firm and dedicated to his class, not just for the year but beyond the classroom. He looks out for those of us who had graduated but may still need a helping hand. Thank you for choosing to take on the most noble of all professions - helping young ones succeed, not just academically, but in discipline. Blessed Teachers’ Day to you!

Committed Teacher

— Mrs Lim-Hoa

Despite the heat, the noise and going without a proper seat for the whole day while waiting at school canteens for the Chess Club boys to compete in various Chess Tournaments, Mdm Wu Shixian of St Andrew’s Junior School truly display her professionalism and patience for the boys. Parents like me cannot even stay for an hour. Mdm Wu would and with an amazing smile on her face. Teachers like her are hard to come by. I am grateful.

Helping Students to Excel

— Lim Chun Hong

As a Chinese Teacher, Mdm Lin of St Andrew’s Junior School would provide insights and genuine advice to us. “Higher Chinese? Ask your child and go with his heart. No pressure, go slow, make him like the subject rather than go with the trend”.

Speaking to her during PCTC ease your worries. Now that my son has growing interest in this subject attending her lessons, makes us grateful to this wonderful teacher. Thank you Mdm Lin.

Excellent Class Management

— Mr and Mrs Lim

My son simply adores Mr Yeo of St Andrew’s Junior School. Attending his Math lessons is one joy he would look forward to. Mr Yeo's respect is definitely being earned. He does not need shouting in class nor during Learning Journeys. The boys would follow him via one command or one hand gesture. This is what an excellent class management is all about. Brilliant Teacher.

Recognising Teacher’s Effort

— Wuyangyang

Would like to thank for Ms Serene Khoo of Yumin Pri for her patience and effort in teaching and guiding the Year 1 kids. I had participated in one of the school trip, guiding those kids are not easy but Ms Khoo did a great job! She surely wins my boy’s love and respect. Thank you and Happy Teachers’ Day!

Deserving Teacher

— "Afaf Zhufairah Binti Ja"afar

Not every teacher deserves to be called one because that title is reserved for great ones like you. Thank You, Mr Raihan of Yumin Pri. You are the best teacher I've ever had.

Inspiring The Best Out of Students

— Airis Amni Zhafirah Binti Jaafar

Thank You, Ms Khai. You are the best because you brought out the best in us. I love you.

Showing Care and Guidance to Students

— Vivienne

Thanks you Mrs Tay-Tan Lee Lian of St Andrew’s Junior School for your care & guidance towards my son. I appreciate your calls & updates on matters related to his school work & attitude. This is truly an act of dedication to the profession. God Bless.

Heartfelt Gratitude for Extra Efforts

— Mrs Kwok

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my son’s teacher, Mrs Thio Geck from Yumin Pri. She is always willing to give extra efforts to update me on my son’s progress and advised me on how to guide my son for the coming PSLE. Thank you very much and Happy Teachers’ Day.

Going The Extra Mile

— Mrs. Kwok

Thank you to Mrs Nizam from Yumin Primary School. For being a caring teacher and always going the extra mile to help her student with difficulties. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Motivating Students to Do Good

— Cedrick Tan

First of all, I would like to say that Mr Ng Chye Huat of St Andrew’s Junior School is the best teacher I HAVE EVER HAD. Compared to the other teachers who have taught me over the years, Mr Ng is the MOST compassionate teacher who has ever taught me. Many a time, when I did something wrong, he would not scold me like other teachers would, and he would talk to me in a compassionate way to make me understand what I had done was wrong. Mr Ng differs from all the other teachers who had taught me. If there were ever an award in my school, I really feel, the teacher who deserves it the most is Mr Ng.

Caring Teacher

— Cedrick Tan

I have been with Mrs Tay Lee Lian of St Andrew’s Junior School for 2 years, since P5. But my parents have known her since 2013 because of my brother who was her past student. In P5 when I lost my Mathematics booklet, Mrs Tay reprinted the whole set for me, and stayed back every day during my recess time, sacrificing her break, to teach me and guide me through completing the worksheet.

Over the course of the past two years, I have created numerous problems for Mrs Tay but she has been very patient with me, and still believes in me. She constantly updates my parents about my progress and ensures that I can keep up with the class. I am grateful for the help she has rendered to me.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Teacher

— Affini

Cikgu Syahidah of Rivervale Primary is a very passionate and hardworking teacher. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. Her teaching methodologies are very clear. Thank you Cikgu Syahidah!

Motivational Educator

— Nur A'ffini Adnan

Ms Chea Seok Choo is a passionate teacher at Rulang Primary and she goes above and beyond to prepare for my daughter's PSLE. Thank you so much Ms Chea for your hard work and for motivating my child. Thank you!

Great Improvement in Child’s Malay Language

— Nur A'ffini Adnan

Cikgu Rahayu of Rulang Primary is a very experienced Mother Tongue Language teacher and I have seen great improvement in my daughter's Malay Language subject. I believe Cikgu Rahayu has adequately prepared my daughter for her PSLE. Thank you so much Cikgu Rahayu for your hard work!

Inspiring Child to Work Hard

— Nur A'ffini Adnan

Mdm Norlidah from Rulang Primary taught my daughter in P4 and my daughter still recalled fondly of the lessons taught by her. Mdm Norlidah is a passionate teacher and has inspired my daughter to work hard. Thank you Mdm Norlidah!

Dedicated and Nurturing

— Veronica Teo

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Ms Shankari of Cantonment Primary. My girl was chosen to attend the Reading Programme due to her poor literacy in February. I was in awe of her progress by the 6th week. From April till now, she has finished reading 3 books on her own and it is definitely a good achievement. According to her, Ms Shankari is patient and her lessons are interesting and fun.

Once, I approached Ms Shankari regarding my daughter’s learning difficulties in her class as I would like to seek an unbiased opinion. She was able to share her views and assessment, and directed me to the VP for immediate assistance. During our conversation, her assurance and affirmation made me felt at ease. She is a dedicated and passionate teacher who placed priority in students well-being and nurturing them. I am impressed by her efforts and she is a rare gem to have. Thank you very much Ms Shankari. You have helped to regain my girl’s confidence. Keep up your passion!

A Beacon of Light

— Shahnaz

I would like to share my heartfelt thanks to my son’s teacher Ms Leong Su Juen at Pasir Ris Secondary. My son has issues transitioning from Primary School to Secondary School. He got into a lot of trouble and did not feel motivated to learn and behave well. Ms Leong looked at him from a different perspective and is willing to ‘hold his hands’ and guide him. She is not an AED trained teacher but she carries the role well.

When I came to her on my problem with my son, she dedicated herself to bring him under her care and provided me with feedback on her chats with my son. It is wonderful to have met her, and I hope she succeeds further in her career as a teacher and continues to believe in students who does not believe in themselves.

Touching Hearts with Compassion

— Juliana

I would like to compliment Ms Lynne Wong of Unity Primary who had spent her time dedicated to her students. She has built a very good rapport with them despite her busy time schedule for P6 PSLE. She touched my heart by putting the emotions of her students in priority in which is the best compassion that a teacher has. I am truly indeed indebted to her.

Making Lessons interesting and Fun

— Mr & Mrs Lim

We would like to thank Mr Khairul of Unity Primary for all the hard work and effort he has put in to making the lessons interesting and fun. My boy is enjoying his learning journey in school.

Cultivating Interest in Math

— Tan Xuan En

Mdm Tan of Mee Toh School made many jokes in class to help us remember the formulas in Math. She is also funny and interacts with us a lot. If we have any problems, she will guide us along. She made me become interested in Math since P5 and since then, I have improved a lot and managed to even get an A in PSLE instead of the Cs I have been getting before P5.

Clear Teaching Methodology

— Hidayah

Cikgu Aisyah from Gan Eng Seng Primary is a passionate teacher. She loves her students and care for her students. Her teaching methodology is clear and effective. Thank you Cikgu Aisyah! We love you.

Responsible and Attentive Teacher

— Soh Wee Keong

Ms Li Wei Iin from Unity Primary is a responsible and attentive teacher. She will update us on any information from school and patiently teach all the children.

Extra Classes to Help Students

— Nur A'ffini Adnan

Mr Tan Puh Chen from Rulang Primary is a passionate and hardworking teacher. He is always willing to give extra classes to help his students, and also answer queries even after school hours. Thank you Mr Tan!

Helping Students In Need

— Yeoh Zhi Xuan

I would like to thank Mrs Connie Tan from Mee Toh School as she never gave up and tried her best to make me understand Math better and improve on it. She has cared for me a lot and never fails to help students in need. I am more than happy that I have been able to meet a teacher like her. I wish her all the best in everything!

Putting in Extra Efforts to Help Students Grow

— Ong Ruey Lin

Thank you Mdm Jovene from Unity Primary for all the extra efforts you make to help the children grow, and the challenges you encourage them to face to help them become who they are.” ― Happy Teacher’s Day!

Making Parent-Teacher Partnership Smoother

— Winnie chua

Ms Sherral from Unity Primary is a very organised teacher who sends weekly updates on what was taught. This updates were particularly helpful to P1 parents to keep them informed of what was taught and make parent-teacher partnership smoother. Thanks Ms Sherral and Happy Teachers’ Day!

Caring Teacher

— Isabelle Mok Yoke Kheng

I would like to thank Ms Wong Ann Ling from Unity Primary for not just teaching my daughter during this stressful period of PSLE year but also giving her encouragement and showing her care and concern, even though time in school is always hectic and overloaded for the teachers. Ms Wong has taken the time to care for my daughter and shared with me her progress in school whenever possible. This is an attitude that is hard to maintain when there is work pressure etc. Great thanks to Ms Wong and may she continue to touch the lives of children who are as lucky as my daughter to have her as their teacher.

Motivating Students to Excel

— Mindy Loh

Thank you to Mrs Brenda Lou of Juying Primary for her influences on my child's Art Creativity's development. She always motivates her students to excel and take a genuine interest in art. Her words of encouragement built my daughter's confidence level and helped her to continuously strive further. We are really thankful to Mrs Lou!

Always There to Provide Help

— Evon

Ms Neo Liwen of Unity Primary is a very awesome and patient teacher. Whenever help is needed, she is always there. I really thank you from the depth of my heart for being there.

Recognising Teachers’ Hard Work

— Mr and Mrs Lim

We would like to thank Ms Hannah Koh of Unity Primary School for being a caring and dedicated teacher. Teachers are probably the most underrated yet the most powerful professionals in the whole world. Their work has a long term impact on not just the lives of the children they teach, but on society as a whole. They have the power to shape generations, impact minds and make the world a better place. Thank you for your contribution.

Smooth Transition to P1

— Chua Hui Tze

I would like to sincerely thank Mdm Dewi, Mrs Jaslyn Lim and Mr Alan Xu of Springdale Primary School for the smooth transition for my son from K2 to P1. Your kindness, patience and care can be felt by my son. In his own words, he said that he is very lucky to have you guys as his teachers. When I heard this, I am very comforted and know that he is in good hands.

I think as a teacher, it is really important to have the students like you so that you can engage them and I think you all did a great job in this! Springdale Primary was my 1st choice of primary school when I did the P1 registration last year and I am glad I made the right choice. Thanks again to you guys!

More Than Just Books

— Natalie Ang Kai Xin

Mdm Zhang always makes Chinese lessons entertaining in her ways. For example, she uses the fruit machine to randomly choose a student to answer questions, form groups and have discussions. She always encourages students when they feel down or feel like giving up.

She helped me to improve in my Mother Tongue Language and taught me that there is more than one way of solving things, and it depends on perspective. She said that I should never give up, and always believe in myself even when things look bleak.

I want to thank Mdm Zhang for the motivation, knowledge and insights that she has given to all of us. Thank you for the knowledge that you have imparted on me. 谢谢您, 张老师.

Home-school Partnership

— Siti Marina Ajmain

Mrs Hoe is a very caring and dedicated educator who shows concern for her students' well-being as well as their emotional needs. She cares for her students' holistic developments/ milestones, even towards students from her former classes.

She is easily approachable when parents need to discuss on certain issues concerning our children. She also loves sharing informative links of activities with parents that could be useful for us to bond with our children. I am very lucky that she took care of both of my children and motivates them to study hard. My children enjoy going to school! Thank you Mrs Hoe!

Going The Extra Mile

— Stephanie Lee

Heartfelt thanks to Ms Loh Shi Ting of Greenridge Primary School. She is such an inspiring teacher who would go an extra mile to help student with difficulties. She inspires my son to be a better version of himself in academic and character. He is now very positive in his views and helps his teachers and friends whenever he can. Teachers like Ms Loh are hard to come by, and I am extremely thankful that my son is blessed to have met her.

Developing Great Bonds With Parents

— Doreen Xu

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our son’s teacher, Mrs Siti Ardah Hazry of Northland Primary School for being kind, patient and for going the extra mile to form great partnerships with parents!

Her reply to our queries were always prompt and she would always make an effort to listen to our concerns. Also, she would coordinate with different departments to help us solve problems and clear our doubts efficiently.

We believe that her students will continue to excel under her leadership and our son is truly blessed to have her as his teacher.

Embracing Students With A Big Heart

— Celine

I would like to express my gratitude to the counsellor, Ms Wendy, from Meridian Secondary School. Ms Wendy has always been very supportive, caring and kind to her students. I was guided and taken care of by her during my last year in secondary school. She has not only supported and guided me but she has also provided me great opportunities that were helpful for me.

Students including myself, always know that we can look for her for support, guidance, encouragement and help. She always welcomes us with open arms and with a big heart. In addition, she listens to the problems of her students with an open mind, guides and advices them in the best way that she can. She also checks in on her students including those who have already graduated, from time to time, to see how they are doing.

Thank you so much Ms Wendy for impacting and inspiring the lives of your students, including myself. Thank you for never giving up on me. I am always so grateful of you and am truly blessed to have you not just as my counsellor but as a friend as well.

Being There For The Students

— Ina Koh

I would like to thank Mr Colin Wong of Corporation Primary School for always looking out and going the extra mile for the students.

All the best for his future endeavours!

A Truly Amazing Group Of Educators

—  Linda

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Miss Jessica Chan and Mr Wang Jun of Victoria School for partnering with parents and going the extra mile to ensure that the students are taken care of and needs were met during their National School Games event.

Both teachers have demonstrated professionalism and 100% dedication while motivating the teams to achieve great teamwork and good results.

They made us realise and believe that such responsible and dedicated teachers do exist.

Thank you Miss Chan and Mr Wang Jun!

Last but not least, I would also like to thank the Principal, Mr Chow for his support to the school team.

Kudos Miss Wang

— Goh Chwee Sim

Miss Wang is one of the most devoted teacher that I have met and is always willing to put in her best for her students.

She helped my child when there were problems in school and took immediate actions to rectify the issues.

I am very grateful to her for all the time that she has spent on her students. I feel that my child is in really good hands under the care of Miss Wang!

Impacting Our Future Generation

—  Mrs Shanice Ng

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our son's teachers at Rulang Primary School.

A big thank you to Miss Maslishah Punari and Madam Ji Lin for helping him to be more confident of himself, going beyond the call of duty, impacting his life positively and helping him to prepare for the future.

We would also like to thank the school’s Principal, Mr Eugene Ong for being a true leader. Thank you for assuring us that he is in good hands.

Kudos to a wonderful team of educators!

Helping Students To Excel In Sports

— Mr & Mrs Chew

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Mr Vincent Quek and Mr Melvin Tan of Raffles Institution for encouraging our son in track training after returning from an injury and giving him the confidence to strive for his new personal best timing.

His achievement would not have been possible without their efforts.

Thank you so much for the unwavering encouragement and support!

Inspiring Students To Do Well In Chinese

— Mr & Mrs Chew

We would like to thank our son’s Higher Chinese Language (HCL) teacher, Mr You Liang of Raffles Institution for his dedication. His efforts go a long way in encouraging our son to master his HCL.

Thank you so much Mr Liang!

Kudos Mrs Soh!

— Mr & Mrs Chew

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to our son’s form teacher, Mrs Sylvia Soh of Raffles Institution for her dedication, efforts and encouraging her class to do well for their examinations despite going through a challenging situation.

Thank you for her guidance and tender loving care. We truly appreciate her efforts!

Teaching Students To Manage Their Time Well

—  Mr & Mrs Chew

We would like to express our appreciation to Mr Brandon Boh of Dunman High School in ensuring that our son continues to study hard while training for the National School Games.

Thank you for all the hard work and massive coordination!

The Amazing Teacher Of Dunman High

— Mr & Mrs Chew

We would like to thank Miss June Loh of Dunman High School for being an awesome teacher. Thank you for always answering parents’ queries promptly, being approachable and motivating students to do well!

Sparking An Interest In History

— Mr & Mrs Chew

We would like to express our appreciation to our son’s History teacher, Mr Teo Joo Cheong of Dunman High School for his guidance, efforts, dedication and igniting our son’s interests in this subject!

Making Maths Interesting

— Mr & Mrs Chew

We would like to thank our son’s Mathematics teacher, Miss Low Siok Hong of Dunman High School. for being a caring teacher; making her lessons interesting and engaging the students!

Kudos Miss Lee!

—  Mr & Mrs Chew

We would like to express our appreciation to our son’s form teacher, Miss Pear Siew Lee of Dunnan High School for guiding the students with lots of tender loving care in the last 2 years and also for ensuring a smooth transition from primary to secondary school.

Always Ready To Help

—  Mr & Mrs Chew

We would like to thank Miss Aileen Li Bao Hui, Mr Lim Kit Siang and the team at Raffles Institution for their prompt response and support when our son was injured.

Thank you for the kind and timely facilitation that helped him to settle in smoothly.

A Great Mentor

—  Zhengyuan

Miss Tan Jia Sian of Punggol Secondary School always puts in her best effort to help students achieve their dreams and goals.

A gtreat mentor, her dedication to motivate students to achieve their aspirations deserves recognition and appreciation.

Thank you Miss Tan!

A Great Teacher

— Por Chia Ying

I would like to thank Madam Lim Hwee Li of Punggol View Primary School for being a caring and dedicated teacher.

Thank you for always going the extra mile to keep parents informed of their child’s development in school.

Great Teachers!

— Tay Siok Leng

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my daughter’s teachers, Miss Diana Chong, Miss Vivien Lim Ai Chin and Mr Muhammad Jabbar Jaafar of Cedar Primary School for being kind, patient and helpful in assisting my child to adapt to primary school.

We are also grateful to Mr Chua Choon Hock, student councillors, school staff and many others who stepped in to help us in one way or another. We may not know your names but we are grateful for your effort and kindness.

We hope that she will continue to enjoy her primary school journey, To have fun, make friends and most importantly, to gain critical skills and good values.

Thank you all!

Kudos Mrs Wee!

—  Clester Cher Hui Kiat

Mrs Selina Wee of Millennia Institute is an excellent and caring teacher!

Motivating Students To Excel In Mathematics

— Clester Cher Hui Kiat

I would like to thank Mr Thanesh s/o Manoselvam of Millennia Institute for guiding me to improve in my Mathematics.

An Outstanding Teacher

— Hannah Yang

I would like to thank Madam Nazreen Begum of CHIJ (Katong) Primary School for going the extra mile for a great partnership with parents.

Madam Nazreen updates us on our children’s progress in school and would reply to our queries promptly.

Thank you for being such a great and dedicated teacher who made the transition to primary school life a smooth and wonderful experience for my child!

An Awesome Educator

— Clarence Cher Hui Kee

Mr Thanesh s/o Manoselvam of Millennia Institute is an excellent and patient teacher who helped me improve.

Thank you for being awesome!

Inspiring Students

— Crystal Chan

I would like to thank Mrs Selina Wee of Millennia Institute for being a passionate, caring and dedicated teacher who continuously motivated my children.

Thank you Mrs Wee!

Thank you Teacher!

— Farhana D/O Mohamed Ali Jinnah

I would like to thank Madam Shariffah Faizah Bte Hassan A of Geylang Methodist School (Primary) for going the extra mile to work with parents closely.

Madam Shariffah always keeps us updated on our child’s progress in school and would reply to our queries promptly.

Her teaching style is great for the students. It is truly wonderful to see them happy and eager to learn and share what they have learnt.

Thank you for all of your hard work and for being such a great and devoted teacher!

Sparking Joy And Interest

— Farhana D/O Mohamed Ali Jinnah

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my child’s Tamil language teacher, Mrs Nantheini Elangovan, of Geylang Methodist School (Primary) for her excellent work and care, towards her students.

Her teaching style motivated my child and encouraged him to participate in school activities. I am deeply appreciative that he has learned so much. He went through many positive changes under her guidance.

Thank you Mrs Nantheini!

Helping Students To Overcome Challenges

— Nabisah Mohamed

We would like to thank Miss Ang Bee Tser Michelle of Corporation Primary School for her love, care and empathy.

She helped my son to overcome challenges in so many ways and I know that she will shine her light on others as well.

Thank you Miss Michelle!

Motivating Students To Do Good

— Nabisah Mohamed

Thank you Mrs Wong-Chiew Kim Fah of Corporation Primary School for being a caring, sincere and wonderful teacher.

Mrs Wong’s humility inspired my child to serve others with care and compassion and I hope that he will continue to help others with these values.

The Helpful Teacher

— Nabisah Mohamed

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Mrs Jennifer Pang Chee Chyn of Corporation Primary School who has been consistently caring and leading her students well both academically and in values.

Being There For Students

— Tan Choon Boey

I would like to thank Mr Ivan Foo of Cedar Primary School for being a good listener and an excellent educator who guides his students well.

Kudos Mr Mahadi!

— Lee Meng

Mr Mahadi Bin Ramli of Cedar Primary School took the extra effort to communicate to parents and even prepared good materials to share during Parent-Teacher meetings.

A Healthy Parent-Teacher Partnership

— Raju Raghu

Miss Cindy Chan of Cedar Primary School is a very knowledgeable teacher who always work with parents to focus on the students’ weaknesses and helping them to improve.

A Kind Educator

— Tan Choon Boey

Miss Cherly Lim of Cedar Primary School is a kind and helpful teacher and I truly appreciate her feedback on my child’s development.

Kudos Mrs Lee!

—  Jayden

Mrs Lee Goy Hoon Meng of Northland Primary School is an awesome teacher!

Care For Our Students

— Ong Yew Cheong

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Miss Liew Yu Jia of Bukit Panjang Primary School for showing care and concern towards my child and attending to her needs during an incident that happened in school.

I was really touched by her kindness and impressed by the way she managed the situation.

Thank you so much Miss Liew!

A True Leader

—  Grace Teo GY

I would like to thank the Principal of Jurong West Secondary School, Mr Michael Muhunthan s/o Subramaniam for leading the school well.

Mr Michael takes time to listen to both students’ and parents’ concerns.

I am happy to know that he truly cares for his students and believes in giving second chances to his students. He is indeed a true gem.

I am confident that the school will continue to excel under his leadership.

Thank you so much Mr Michael!

My Role Model

— Nishat Binte Abdullah

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Mr Amir Mizra s/o Abdul Majid of Damai Secondary School (previously from Bedok North Secondary School) for being a passionate, caring and dedicated teacher who continuously motivates my child.

Mr Amir went the extra mile by engaging parents through the year and always replies to our messages promptly.

His patience and professionalism is truly commendable. He is an excellent role model. Thank you Mr Amir!

Committed Educators

— Mariam

My family and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the staff of Bedok Green Primary School, especially to the Principal, Mrs Ng Kim Choo Celine, teachers, Mr Muhammad Khairi Iqbal and Miss Kee and also to the school counsellor for their unwavering support.

A special shout out to my child’s form teacher, Mrs Irene Ang for being a dedicated and caring teacher. I truly appreciate her constant feedback.

Together with the school counsellor, the school went the extra mile when advising us on our child’s condition.

There are no words that can describe their commitments as educators.

Thank you for everything!

Thank you Mr Yet!

— Tan Eng Hwa

I would like to thank Mr Yet Tun Quan of Compassvale Secondary School for being a great educator who understands and tries to manage my child’s condition.

Making A Difference

— Charmayne Ling

I would like to commend Mr Tay Chong Guan of New Town Secondary School for his efforts in showing care and concern towards my child.

My child improved and developed well because of Mr Tay’s encouragement. I appreciate his patience when counselling and guiding my child during difficult situations.

Mr Tay was also considerate towards parents’ concerns as he would always find time to support us.

My heartfelt thanks to Mr Tay for making a difference in our lives!

Motivating Students To Excel

— Mae Han

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the teachers of Nan Hua High School, Mr Chan Kum Hoong Joel, Madam Teo Hui Yi, Miss Tamsyn Elizabeth Tong Pei Ling and Madam Norfaiza Binte Buang for guiding and supporting my son to attain his goals.

They are extremely patient in guiding their students. For my child, they try listen his problems and motivate him. I am touched by the teachers who went the extra mile for the students.

Thank you teachers for everything!

Encouraging Educators

—  Muhammad Danial Ezhairy

I would like to thank Mr Zulhafiz Bin Zainal and Miss Chua Yi Teng of Woodlands Ring Secondary School for guiding and motivating my child and his classmates to develop academically and in their values as well.

A Caring And Inspiring Teacher

— Corrina Yeoh

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my child’s form teacher, Miss Jasmine Lee of Yuying Secondary School for being an inspiring and caring teacher.

When my daughter was injured, she went the extra mile to help her and I was truly touched by her kind gesture.

Her lessons are very engaging and interesting as well. Thank you for being there for your students!

The Remarkable Teachers of Yuying Secondary School

— Corrina Yeoh

I am glad to have chosen Yuying Secondary School for my child, who has since graduated from the school.

I would like to thank her Science teacher, Mr Soh Wei Yong for being patient, responsible and going the extra mile to help students understand the concepts better.

My daughter is grateful to have him as her teacher and I am truly touched by his dedication and selflessness.

Thank you so much Mr Soh!

Going the Extra Mile

— Malliga D/O P.Kalimuthan

I would like to thank the staff of Ping Yi Secondary School, especially to Mr Chua Tat Wee, Miss Nor Hafidah Binte Mohamed Ali and Mr Izyan for helping my child when she injured herself.

They went the extra mile and managed the situation well. I was very touched by their actions.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank them for putting wide smiles on our faces through their act of kindness!

A Smooth Transition

— Xiao Yihui

I would like to thank Miss Karyn Ang of Bukit Timah Primary School for helping my son to settle into primary school, going the extra mile and taking good care of her students.

We truly appreciate her for constantly updating us on our children’s progress in school.

Happy Chinese New Year Miss Ang!

A Dedicated And Patient Educator

— Delfina Tao

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Madam Heng Chi Wen of Catholic High School (Primary) for her dedication and patience towards my child.

The teachers extended their guidance extended during the examination period and it was assuring.

Thank you for also providing advice on the various options available.

A Great Teacher

— Mrs Su

I would like to thank Mrs Agnes Tan of North Vista Primary School for being a dedicated and caring teacher who went the extra mile to guide and motivate my child.

She is very thoughtful and understanding, her dedication and patience towards helping both parents and students really warm our hearts.

My child is fortunate to have her as his form teacher for the past year and I am truly grateful by her strong support and encouragement throughout.

Although there were challenging moments, she made me feel that I am not fighting this battle alone.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything!

A True Inspiration

— Noor Azhar Bin Mohamed Yusoff

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my child’s teacher, Mr Muhammad Iftitah Bin Mohamed Said of Tampines Primary School.

Thank you for giving my child the chance to dream big and encouraging him to explore, learn and discover more about floorball and the Malay language.

It is a great training ground for him because this cultivates his desire to get started on his dreams and discover what he want to do as he grows up.

You have played a big role in shaping the students’ minds, inspiring, motivating, and encourage them to think out of the box, to be more discerning, confident and to use what they have learned in school to help change their lives and the lives of others.

A Smooth Transition

—  Jessline lim

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Lee Qin Yi of Mayflower Primary School for going the extra mile to help her students settle into his primary school, adapt to lessons quickly and monitored his academic progress in 2018.

Mr Lee was very patient and caring towards him and updated me frequently regarding his improvements in school.

Good job, Mr Lee!

A Great Leader

— June Lim

I would like to thank the Principal of Bedok Green Primary School, Mrs Celine Ng for bringing school to greater heights.

She implemented good changes that benefited the students. Mrs Ng is a sincere principal who takes time to listen to our concerns. I am happy to know that she is an educator who truly cares for her students.

I am confident that the school will continue to progress under her leadership.

Sparking An Interest In The Chinese Language

— Emily Eng

I would like to expresss my sincere gratitude to Madam Jiao Fuzhen of Rulang Primary School for helping to spark my son's interest in the Chinese Language and guiding him to excel in the subject.

Her enthusiasm and commitments are commendable.

Thank you for keeping the lessons fun and believing in the students.

Kindness Goes A Long Way

— Mdm Quah

Thank you Madam Quah Li Zhen of Cedar Primary School for being a kind teacher!

A Great Educator

— Mrs Salinah Zhu

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my child’s teacher teacher, Miss Janice Sng.

Although she taught him a few years ago, he remembers her for believing in him and fondly shared on how she had supported him during difficult times. Not forgetting that her lessons were captivating and memorable.

Thank you Miss Sng for your kindness and hard work!

Kudos Mrs Phua!

— Jenny Lim

Thank you Mrs Lynn Phua-Tang Sze Hua of Rulang Primary School for being a dedicated, patient, and diligent teacher.

Mrs Phua is a parent as well, but she never fails to care for her students. She constantly updates us on our child’s schoolwork so that we can follow up easily!

A Role Model

— Nishat Binte Abdullah

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Mrs Noordin (Madam Salama Bte Ishak) of Temasek Junior College for being a passionate, caring and dedicated teacher who continuously motivates and guides her students.

Mrs Noordin went the extra mile by engaging parents throughout the year and always updating us on the progress of our children.

Mrs Noordin’ s patience and professionalism is truly commendable. She is an excellent role model for her students!

Dedicated Teachers Of Horizon Primary School

—  Angeline

Thank you Mrs Grace Leong, Madam Liew Huei Chun, Madam Arbakyah Binte Mustafa and Madam Zhang Lingxia of Horizon Primary School for their care, concern and dedication towards the students.

The Patient And Caring Mathematics Teacher

— Tan Li Gek

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to my child’s mathematics teacher, Mr Chang Cheng Hwee of Northland Primary School for his patience and care towards his students.

His students benefitted from his well-organised, dedicated teaching.

Once again, thank you Mr Chang for going the extra mile and for being a teacher who puts in extra effort to prepare good resources for his students.

A Kind And Understanding Educator

— charlotte Lee

Thank you Mr Mazlan Bin Ismail of Rulang Primary School for being a passionate, understanding and caring teacher.

Mr Mazlan is approachable and updates parents regularly on my students’ progress in school. He also recommended many useful books for them to read. My child is very happy to be in his class!

Doing It All For The Students

— Angelene kho

Miss Yeo Li Yen of Haig Girls' School is a great teacher!

She is always there for me in my time of need and will always do her very best to make lessons fun and interesting.

I wish you the very best Miss Yeo!

An Excellent Role Model

— Joe Goh

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my civics tutor, Mr Ho Kong Mun of Jurong Junior College for going above and beyond the call of duty.

When I was hospitalised during my examinations, Mr Ho provided advice and assistance regarding the various administrative procedures to be taken for the affected papers and helped to ensure that they were executed promptly.

His patience and professionalism is truly commendable and is definitely an excellent role model for his students.

Thank you so much Mr Ho!

Amazing Teachers Of Gongshang Primary School

— Elle Nick

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the teachers of Gongshang Primary School, especially to Madam Ong Siew Ling, Madam Bernie Leong, Madam Suriyati, Mr Daniel Vaithilingam, Madam Mehrun Nisha d/o M A Maricar, Madam Safiah Bte Sidek, Madam Lee and Mrs Roslinda Binte Johari for guiding my daughter to be a better student.

Throughout the challenging times, the teachers have ensured me that I have nothing to be afraid of.

For that, I am truly grateful. Thank you teachers!

Absolute Dedication

— Subramani Sundaram

We wish to thank Mr Ong Wei Lee (Gavin) of Chongzheng Primary School for continuously encouraging our child and also for engaging parents throughout the year.

We were able to approach him regarding any questions regarding Mathematics and he would promptly respond. An absolute dedication to the welfare of his students.

Hats off to you, Sir!

Kudos Mr Tan!

—  Nazeerah

Thank you Mr Daryl Tan of Cedar Primary School for being there for my son during his first year in primary school.

A Dedicated Teacher Of Rulang Primary School

—  Karen Low

We would like to thank Mrs Audrey Lim of Rulang Primary School for her dedication and passion towards teaching.

She is a very motivated and caring teacher who guides her students well.

She also provided my child with ample opportunities to excel as a student leader which helped to boost her confidence and self-esteem.

Thank you for guiding our daughter through a fruitful academic year!

An Inspiring Educator

—  Mathina

Miss Gan Siew Ling of Westwood Primary School is an inspiring teacher who truly believes in her students.

I am glad that she is my child’s form teacher this year and I truly believe that with her constant motivation, all her students will develop well.

We were truly touched when she wrote, "A little progress each day adds up to big results" on motivational cards for her students in the beginning of this year.

Thank you so much Miss Gan. Hats off to you!

Kudos Miss Sim!

— Catherine Chua

I am thankful to Miss Samantha Sim of Jiemin Primary School for being my child’s teacher during Primary 1.

She is a very patient teacher who will always respond to all of my queries promptly. She is also very positive, responsible and meticulous in her work.

She is also a very caring and observant teacher who will inform me when my child is ill and update me on her condition.

Under her guidance, my daughter was able to understand and improve in some subjects.

I am really glad that she will continue to be my daughter's form teacher this year.

Thank you so much Miss Sim for all your hard work and patience for the past 2 years!

A Dedicated Educator

— Linda Tan

I wish to thank Mr David Wong from Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road). He engages his students well through his lively History lessons which has inspired my child to be interested in the subject.

An Awesome Teacher!

— Linda Tan

I am grateful to Ms Charmaine Lim of Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) for showing concern and motivating my child, who faced challenges in his learning. She also took time and effort to address my queries.

Bringing out the best in every child

— Ruchika Handa

I would like to thank Mr Muhd Reza Daud and Mdm Liew Hwee Hong of Telok Kurau Primary School, for their support and efforts in bringing out the best in every child in the Robotics CCA. The students have all enjoyed their lessons and they learnt a lot in school.

Thank you for your unwavering support

— Helen Heng

I would like to thank Ms Eva Hor, Ms Jacinta Lim and Mr Jeremy Yeo of Raffles Institution for their unwavering support for my child, who encountered a difficult situation. His teachers regularly checked on him, ensured he was not alone, and did their best to motivate him for the A-Level examinations. Their support has definitely gone a long way in helping him through the tough period.

Going the extra mile

—  Caren

I would like to express my gratitude to Ms Wang Ai Pei of Hougang Primary School for nurturing my child. I am grateful that she went the extra mile to help her students prepare for the examinations. He has transformed from a shy and playful child to become brave and confident, and he is geared up for new challenges as he enters secondary school.

Simply The Best

— Shirley Ang

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my daughter’s form teacher, Mr Soh Yang Jie of Teck Ghee Primary School for his care and guidance.

My daughter showed great improvement in her studies and I am also very grateful for his advice and help.

Thank you so much and like my daughter always says, "You are the best Mr Soh!"

Sparking An Interest In the Chinese Language

— Karen

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Miss Jasmine Tan of Marymount Convent School for instilling a love for the Chinese language in my daughter.

Under Miss Tan’s tutelage, my daughter became more interested in the subject and has shown tremendous improvement. I hope that she can continue to teach my daughter next year.

Thank you so much for inspiring her!

Going The Extra Mile

— Sharon Lim

I would like to express my gratitude to my daughter’s form teacher, Miss Tan Hui Min of North Vista Primary School for being a great teacher.

Miss Tan went the extra mile to help our child when she was going through a medical condition- updating us every morning and ensuring that she settled in. I am very thankful for the support and help rendered.

I would also like to thank everyone else who has helped her in one way or another.

Thank you all!

The Amazing Educator Of Springdale Primary School

— Michelle Lee

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my daughter’s teacher, Mr Low You Fai of Springdale Primary School. Under his guidance, my daughter showed improvement in her Science.

He is an experienced and responsible teacher, and gave me sound advice on my child’s academic development.

Thank you so much Mr Low!

A Team Of Dedicated Educators

— Michelle Lee

I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers of Springdale Primary School, as well as to the Principal, Mrs Lee-Loh Siew Cheng, who has led the school for 6 years.

Mrs Lee gave an encouraging talk to my daughter’s class during her final year and motivated them to study hard for their PSLE. She went the extra mile to personally craft bookmarks that contained words of encouragement for all the Primary 6 students.

I would also like to thank the dedicated and responsible teachers and ex-teachers- Miss Brenda, Mrs Selene Yu and Madam Jolene Yang Caili for preparing her for the PSLE and for everything else that they have done for her.

Thank you everyone!