Care For Students

—  Yaich

Thank you Miss Ng Hui Zhen of St. Patrick's School for encouraging and supporting me through life challenges and for always caring about my well-being. You always find time to talk to me and never fail to cheer me up.

Thank you Miss Ng!

A Dedicated Teacher

— Rizana Bte Ahmad Ariff

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Miss Zuraidah Binte Mistam of Teck Whye Primary School for going the extra mile in nurturing her students as well as in putting in the effort to update us on our child’s performance.

She has helped my child a lot during transition to Primary One and I truly appreciate her dedication.

Thank you so much!

A Dedicated Educator

— Ng Wenxuan

I would like to thank my former teacher, Mrs Yeo Soon Foong of Bukit View Primary School for her guidance in helping me prepare for the PSLE.

Success Is The Result Of Hard Work

— Tay Koh Eng

Thank you to the school leaders and teachers of Bartley Secondary school for their hard work and dedication in teaching my youngest son, who has improved within the year.

Excellent Customer Service

— Tay Koh Eng

I would like to thank the staff at Temasek Polytechnic for being friendly, patient and helpful to me when explaining the appeal process for the change of course clearly.

Well done!

Sparking An Interest In Geography

— Charissa Boo

I would like to thank Miss Ong Shir Nee (currently teaching in Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School), the former Head Of Department for Humanities at Anderson Junior College for her valuable advice and encouragement, be it for academics or about life!

Picking up Geography lessons from you has broadened my horizons! Without your guidance and teaching, I would not be where I am today.

Creating Fond Memories

— Charissa Boo

I would like to thank my Civics and Economics tutor, Miss Ruth Tan of Anderson Junior College for always believing in our class and never giving up on us.

I might not remember all your lessons, but the values you have imparted to us will always be remembered!

Impacting The Lives Of Students

— Charissa Boo

Thank you Mr Justin Ng of Anderson Junior College for the countless consultations over the last 2 years and for always going the extra mile for us.

History will always be a subject close to my heart and because of your teaching approaches. It has also become a fond journey to look back on whenever I think about my junior college years.

Going the Extra Mile

— Charissa Boo

I would like to thank Miss Corrine Zhu of Anderson Junior College for her guidance during the lead-up to 'A' levels and for always ensuring everyone's welfare.

Thank you for always going the extra mile and always being there for us with a smile!

Making History Come Alive

— Charissa Boo

Thank you Miss Charmaine Miranda of Anderson Junior College for taking care of us, and always having our back. I am really grateful for all the sacrifices that you have made for us!

You made our History lessons interesting with your unique style of teaching and because of that, the lessons were what I looked forward to when I was in school!

Making Geography Enjoyable

— Charissa Boo

Thank you Miss Cheryl Ng of Anderson Junior College for your witty jokes and for going the extra mile to help us understand complex topics in the subject better.

Geography lectures would not have been the same without you!

Encouraging Students To Succeed

— Charissa Boo

Thank you Madam Koh Choon Yam of Anderson Junior College for always believing in your students.

Also, my deepest gratitude for always writing words of encouragement and for guiding me as I sought to learn from my mistakes.

Although our Mathematics class with you have already ended, we will always benefit from your wisdom.

A Caring Educator

— Charissa Boo

Thank you Mr Arthur Lim of Anderson Junior College for the valuable advice that you have given us over the past two years.

Although you only taught us for two years, the lessons you have imparted will always remain close to my heart.

Thank you so much for sharing not just your academic knowledge with us, but also life lessons.

A Great Educator

— Felicia Yeo

I would like to thank Madam Han Huaxiu of Punggol View Primary School for being a role model for her students – one who is dedicated, responsible, patient, and passionate to build up the next generation!

Giving Their All

— Tay Koh Eng

I would like to thank all the teachers of Bartley Secondary School for giving their best in helping my children graduate well and secured spots in courses that they aspired toward. Thank you teachers for being excellent guides!

More Than Just A Teacher

—  Yvette Lee

My son is very lucky to have Mrs Estelle Heng of Edgefield Primary School as his mentor and role model.

Thank you Mrs Heng for being a wonderful teacher!

An Inspiration

— sameema

I would like to thank Madam Malar Vizhi d/o Anjappan and Mrs Sumathi Segar of Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre for their dedication, hard work and preparing students for the future.

At the recent parent-teacher meeting, both teachers have motivated all parents to do more for their children.

As a teacher myself, they have inspired me to make positive changes to every student!

Imparting Moral Values In Students

— Lim Fook Gui Benedict

I would like to compliment Madam Grace Lee of Blangah Rise Primary School for instilling good values in my son and now, he has continued to excel in his studies at St. Joseph’s Institution.

He was promoted to IP in Secondary 3 and clinched a scholarship for 4 years. He was also awarded a project by DSO National Laboratories to participate in the Science Mentorship Programme.

His achievements would not be possible without all the help from Madam Lee. Thank you for everything!

Going Above And Beyond

— Fanny Wong

I would like to thank Madam Athifah Binte Mohamad Isa of Compassvale Secondary School for helping my child cope with difficult times that our family was going through.

I would also like to thank Mr Nicholas Choy, teacher-in-charge of the Red Cross CCA for being his concern and constantly watching over my child’s growth and development in Red Cross.

“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.” - Carl Jung. As Carl’s saying goes, I am deeply appreciative of what the school has done for us.

Helping Students Through The Toughest Times

— Jasmine Ng

I would like to thank the staff and teachers of St. Anthony’s Canossian Primary School, especially to the Principal, Mrs Chin Lai Yoke and teachers, Mrs Gomez Evelyn, Mrs Daleen Ferro and Miss Goh Beng Hong for their concern and support towards my daughter who lost her father and had to go through a difficult period.

I am very thankful that my daughter is in good hands and are cared for very well in the school with the support of the school leaders and teachers. Thank you!

A Dedicated Team

— Elfa Amin

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Principal and teachers of CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity who played important roles in my daughter’s primary education. They worked closely with me to provide the support my child needed.

Thank you Miss Christina Teo, Miss Susan Koh, Madam Elaine Siaw, Mrs Vanessa Tan, Madam Hanizah Bte Abu Samah, Miss Geraldine Tng, Miss Angela Wan, Mrs Tan Cheh Hia, Miss Debra Saw, Madam Hayati Mohamed Noor, Mrs Adeline Enriquez and Mrs Koh Li Li for being patient and compassionate towards my daughter. She became more confident, sociable, discovered her strengths and looks forward to school.

I hope the team of teachers will continue to inspire and nurture other students!

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

A Rewarding Experience

— Ravi

It was an honour to be taught and mentored by Captain Peter Lee of the Singapore Maritime Academy in Singapore Polytechnic. He goes the extra mile for his students, motivates those who require extra help and he also expands his teachings beyond the classrooms!

Thank you Captain Lee!

True Leaders Who Care!

— Selvi Ramasamy

I would like to compliment the Principal and Vice-Principals, Mr A. Sivam Reddy, Mohd Yazeed Bin Mohd Said and Mr Clement Lee of Xinmin Primary School, for being pillars of support for me.

Mr Yazeed, with his great sense of humour, has the ability to reach out to all of the staff and meet their needs wherever possible.

He was concerned when I encounter problems and never hesitate to guide staff on our career prospects. He is also firm and steadfast when managing the students in the school.

Mr Clement Lee is patient with his students and shows concern for the well-being of his teachers/students.

Mr Reddy focuses on work life harmony and have regular dialogue sessions with us.

He believes strongly in building a culture of innovation in the school and encourages teachers and non-teaching staff to think creatively and critically, experiment and apply new or different pedagogical approaches, technologies, curricular enhancement and assessments. He also promotes staff capacity building and encourages staff to attend relevant training and courses to upgrade themselves professionally.

Although I am deeply saddened to leave the Xinmin family, I have gained plenty of valuable experience and skills in the past 8 years that I will definitely be able to apply in my new career as a Tamil Teacher in the school that I am going to be posted to.

A Role Model

— Tan How Shun

Congratulations to Mr Zaid Bin Rasid of Princess Elizabeth Primary School on his recent success during a competition n Malaysia. He is also a role model to all students!

A Team of Dedicated Educators

— Winnie Tai

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Principal and teachers in Woodlands Ring Secondary School, especially to Mrs Ng Siew Bee, Mr Yap Choong Shiong, Mrs Chan May Peng and Mrs Lyn Chuah for their care, dedication and empathy shown towards my son.

I was impressed by their actions in many ways, especially when they encouraged him to return to school to continue pursuing his studies. Their support during hard times really helped me a lot!

Thank you teachers!

Teachers That Make It Work

— Mrs Ngan

I am grateful to have Mr Anthony Yew and Mrs Selina Tan of Radin Mas Primary School who taught my daughter when she was in Primary Six in 2017.

Although P6 was a tough and stressful year for her, patient and nurturing teachers got her through it!

Mr Yew conducted his lessons in fun and interesting ways, always sharing about his own experiences during class.

Mrs Tan is a detailed teacher who explains Mathematic concepts and problem solving methods well, ensuring that every student understands her teaching.

Kudos to Mr Yew and Mrs Tan!

Passionate and Enthusiastic Educators

— Mae Han

I would like to express my gratitude to all teachers of Fuhua Secondary School, especially to Mr James Chia, Mr Liu Yao Zhong, Miss Tan Chow Fei, Mr Ng Wei Ping, Mr Kwa Chia Run and Mr Travis Neo for inspiring, motivating and encouraging students to think out of the box, to discern between right and wrong, to speak their minds and to use what they have learned in school to help change their lives as well as the lives of others.

They are passionate and enthusiastic, always believing in their students and developing them to be all-rounded students.

My son became more confident and has the courage to take on challenges ahead.

Thank you very much!

A Nurturing Teacher

— Apsara Vohrah

I would like to compliment Miss Kuek Tsing Xiu of Henry Park Primary School for being an amazing teacher.

Her dedication, care, kindness and positivity has influenced my child. Under her guidance, students benefit tremendously.

Mathematics Heroine!

—  Ernita

I would like to compliment Madam Sri Rahayu Rusyanto of Fengshan Primary School for her patience, passion and dedication to help my daughter improve her Mathematics, especially during PSLE.

Thank you so much Madam Rahayu!

Motivating Students To Do Well

—  Ernita

I would like to compliment Madam A Rabiyathul Basiria of Fengshan Primary School for her kindness, sincerity and for always helping her students.

My child was able to make it for PSLE because of her motivation and dedication.

Thank you for your patience and guidance. We will always remember you as the best counsellor!

A True Leader

—  Jenny Lim Siew Fong

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Eugene Ong Kai Tiong, the Principal of Rulang Primary School and his team of dedicated educators.

Thank you for always keeping parents well-informed and arranging for talks with parents so that we are kept abreast of the developments not just of our children, but of the school. Small gestures such as a breakfast session with parents help to build better rapport with each other.

I appreciate all the efforts and would like to thank you for keeping our minds at ease!

Heroes of Teck Whye Primary School

— Rizana Bte Ahmad Ariff

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the teachers of Teck Whye Primary School for guiding the students to aspire and achieve. They also help to guide weaker students to lead them to success.

Thank you Mr Andrew Koh Miss Zuraidah Binte Mistam, Madam Intan, Madam Mariani Bte Abdul Rahim, Mrs Shirley Ang, Mr Jagindran S/O Krishnan and especially to Miss Calista Yong for taking care of my son when he had a high fever during his recent school trip.

Thank you teachers for your dedication and empathy towards the students!

Going Great Lengths To Help Others

—  Rashidy

My family and I would like to thank Madam Juliana Bte Johari and Mrs Kartik of Qihua Primary School for their kindness in helping my wife in an incident that took place outside of the school compound.

Thank you for going the extra mile to help!

Supportive Educators of Fengshan Primary School

—  Morhazlin

I would like to thank Mrs Katherine Phoon and Miss Tan Chwee Li of Fengshan Primary School for their patience, dedication and perseverance towards my son who was diagnosed with an expressive language delay. It was not a smooth journey for him during his primary school years. However he had very supportive teachers who never gave up and helped him tremendously.

They were encouraging and helped my child despite all the challenges. Thank you teachers for believing in my child!

A Caring Teacher

— Abu Dzar

I would like to thank Madam Suhaila of Bedok South Secondary School for being a caring teacher, motivating us to do well in our studies and pursing our goals in life!

Safety first

— Marina Van Huizen

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Muhammad Jabbar Bin Jaafar for taking care of my son during his recent camping trip, keeping him safe and going the extra to help the students!

Guiding Students Towards Excellence

—  Avilyn Lim

I would like to thank the Principal of Princess Elizabeth Primary School, Madam Moliah Binte Hashim and her team of dedicated teachers.

Special thanks to Miss Toh Sock Ruan, for her extra efforts and commitment in guiding and motivating my child to excel in his studies and improve his behaviour.

A Dedicated Team Of Educators

— Lee Sock Hoon

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Miss Lim Shiew Fong Lucia, Miss To Zhi Wei and Miss Lai Liming of North Vista Secondary School for their patience, perseverance, guidance and resilience.

I believe that they will pass down their “never give up” spirit to our next generation. Salute!

A Caring Educator

— Saif as safiee

Miss Nurilhuda Binte Ahmad of Farrer Park Primary School is one of the most caring teachers I have met!

Instilling The Joy Of Learning

— Saif as safiee

Thank you Mr Lim Ze Wei of Farrer Park Primary School for helping me during the last 2 years of school, motivating me to do well in Mathematics and Science and making me enjoy learning!

A Wonderful Teacher

— Nor Heiadayah Abdullah

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr Dyon Lee of Casuarina Primary School for nurturing my son into a matured and responsible child and for helping him in areas beyond the academics.

Mr Lee is a wonderful teacher who works closely with parents and because of that, my child is developing well. My son will miss all the fun he had in class.

Thank you Mr Lim, I will not forget your kindness, dedication towards educating the next generation and I wish you all the very best in your career!

A Dedicated Team

— Sharie

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the teachers in Northland Primary School, especially to my son's form teachers, Miss Dhurga Devi d/o Ramasamy and Miss Lin Ziting for their patience, guidance to help develop my child into a better student.

Thank you to Miss Devi for providing feedback on ways to help him improve in his studies and to Miss Wendy Zhao for giving him opportunities to take on leadership roles which taught him to be a more responsible student.

Thank you teachers!

Lending A Helping Hand

— Linda Look

I would like to thank Madam Norliza Bte A Rahim and Mr Christopher Koh of Anchor Green Primary School for helping my nephew solve issues that are beyond their duties.

It is truly heartening to see teachers go the extra mile. Thank you so much!

Motivating Students To Do Well

— Dharshini Magendran

Thank you Madam Nazira Bte Abdullah of Cedar Primary School for giving me good advice and helping me to do well in the Tamil language during PSLE.

I truly appreciate it!

Doing It All For The Students

— Azmy Rizman Ali

Thank you to Mr Jabbar Jaafar & Mrs De Souza of Cedar Primary School who have shown dedication towards caring for the students.

Credit must be given to all teachers who are supportive and committed to developing the next generation.

With the help of these wonderful educators, my children have benefitted and developed holistically.

Thank you teachers!

A Caring & Dedicated Teacher

— safura Jaafar

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mrs Lim-Ng Xiang Ling of De La Salle School for being a caring & dedicated teacher who went the extra mile to coach her students, especially those who need extra help.

My child enjoys her lessons. Thank you Mrs Lim!

A Team of Dedicated Educators

— Charissa Chua

I would like to thank all the teachers in Maris Stella High School (Primary) for their dedication and effort. Special mention to Mrs Helen Ang, Mrs Raj and Ms Lillian Lee for supporting my child emotionally and also lending him a listening ear when he needs advice. Thank you teachers!

An Awesome and Inspiring Coach

— Mr & Mrs Chew

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Mr Melvin Tan, Head Coach of the Track and Field CCA at Raffles Institution for his dedication, effort, patience, inspiration and support to our son and his team. We are impressed at how he renders good advice especially when our son experienced physical pain during his trainings. Mr Tan is also a receptive coach and lends a listening ear to his athletes’ aspirations. He is able to relate to the boys and motivate them to their best. Character development is also instilled in his interactions with the boys.

Under Mr Tan’s excellent guidance, we witnessed how our son has progressed in terms of his personal best timings, determination, resilience and character development. Thank you Mr Tan for the hard work and for going the extra mile!

An Encouraging and Dedicated Coach

— Mr & Mrs Chew

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Mr Vincent Quek, Assistant Departmental Head (Sports) at Raffles Institution ofr his dedication and concern for our son and his team of athletes. We witnessed first-hand at an external track event how Mr Quek prepared the team very well for the competition. Although our child did not clinch any medals, Mr Quek shared words of encouragement to motivate him. He would also ask how his athletes were coping with their school life when he sees them in school.

At an overseas learning journey with the Track & Field team, his good leadership and planning allowed the team to have good overseas training exposure and experience. Mr Quek was also equipped to share information at the trip briefing and was always ready to render assistance.

We would like to thank Mr Quek for his remarkable hard work, encouragement and care to his team!

Thank you Ms Wong!

— Affandi Sumry

I would like to thank Ms Audrey Wong, Principal of Chong Zheng Primary School for her effort in helping my child progress well in school. She shares good parenting tips and also arranged a meeting with my child’s teachers and counsellors to discuss on how to improve my child’s results. I deeply appreciate everything she has done, thank you Ms Wong.

Leaving Behind A Positive Mark

— Chia Sock Ee (Mother of Wong Kenn Foonn P5A)

Mr Saiful Sobul, a former teacher of Cedar Primary School, was instrumental in motivating my son to improve his English.

He encouraged my son to read more and helped my son get excited and eager to share book reviews in class.

We are very grateful to Mr Saiful for his proactive teaching methods which made my son feel comfortable to communicate with teachers and he truly enjoyed all the lessons.

Going The Extra Mile

— Chia Sock Ee (Mother of Wong Kenn Foonn)

I would like to compliment Miss Cindy Chan of Cedar Primary School for being a caring teacher who would go the extra mile for her students!

Once during a school event, Miss Chan accompanied a student until her parents arrived to ensure her safety.

Thank you Miss Chan!