A Dedicated And Patient Educator

— Delfina Tao

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Madam Heng Chi Wen of Catholic High School (Primary) for her dedication and patience towards my child.

The teachers extended their guidance extended during the examination period and it was assuring.

Thank you for also providing advice on the various options available.

A Great Teacher

— Mrs Su

I would like to thank Mrs Agnes Tan of North Vista Primary School for being a dedicated and caring teacher who went the extra mile to guide and motivate my child.

She is very thoughtful and understanding, her dedication and patience towards helping both parents and students really warm our hearts.

My child is fortunate to have her as his form teacher for the past year and I am truly grateful by her strong support and encouragement throughout.

Although there were challenging moments, she made me feel that I am not fighting this battle alone.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything!

A True Inspiration

— Noor Azhar Bin Mohamed Yusoff

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my child’s teacher, Mr Muhammad Iftitah Bin Mohamed Said of Tampines Primary School.

Thank you for giving my child the chance to dream big and encouraging him to explore, learn and discover more about floorball and the Malay language.

It is a great training ground for him because this cultivates his desire to get started on his dreams and discover what he want to do as he grows up.

You have played a big role in shaping the students’ minds, inspiring, motivating, and encourage them to think out of the box, to be more discerning, confident and to use what they have learned in school to help change their lives and the lives of others.

A Smooth Transition

—  Jessline lim

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Lee Qin Yi of Mayflower Primary School for going the extra mile to help her students settle into his primary school, adapt to lessons quickly and monitored his academic progress in 2018.

Mr Lee was very patient and caring towards him and updated me frequently regarding his improvements in school.

Good job, Mr Lee!

A Great Leader

— June Lim

I would like to thank the Principal of Bedok Green Primary School, Mrs Celine Ng for bringing school to greater heights.

She implemented good changes that benefited the students. Mrs Ng is a sincere principal who takes time to listen to our concerns. I am happy to know that she is an educator who truly cares for her students.

I am confident that the school will continue to progress under her leadership.

Sparking An Interest In The Chinese Language

— Emily Eng

I would like to expresss my sincere gratitude to Madam Jiao Fuzhen of Rulang Primary School for helping to spark my son's interest in the Chinese Language and guiding him to excel in the subject.

Her enthusiasm and commitments are commendable.

Thank you for keeping the lessons fun and believing in the students.

Kindness Goes A Long Way

— Mdm Quah

Thank you Madam Quah Li Zhen of Cedar Primary School for being a kind teacher!

A Great Educator

— Mrs Salinah Zhu

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my child’s teacher teacher, Miss Janice Sng.

Although she taught him a few years ago, he remembers her for believing in him and fondly shared on how she had supported him during difficult times. Not forgetting that her lessons were captivating and memorable.

Thank you Miss Sng for your kindness and hard work!

Kudos Mrs Phua!

— Jenny Lim

Thank you Mrs Lynn Phua-Tang Sze Hua of Rulang Primary School for being a dedicated, patient, and diligent teacher.

Mrs Phua is a parent as well, but she never fails to care for her students. She constantly updates us on our child’s schoolwork so that we can follow up easily!

A Role Model

— Nishat Binte Abdullah

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Mrs Noordin (Madam Salama Bte Ishak) of Temasek Junior College for being a passionate, caring and dedicated teacher who continuously motivates and guides her students.

Mrs Noordin went the extra mile by engaging parents throughout the year and always updating us on the progress of our children.

Mrs Noordin’ s patience and professionalism is truly commendable. She is an excellent role model for her students!

Dedicated Teachers Of Horizon Primary School

—  Angeline

Thank you Mrs Grace Leong, Madam Liew Huei Chun, Madam Arbakyah Binte Mustafa and Madam Zhang Lingxia of Horizon Primary School for their care, concern and dedication towards the students.

The Patient And Caring Mathematics Teacher

— Tan Li Gek

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to my child’s mathematics teacher, Mr Chang Cheng Hwee of Northland Primary School for his patience and care towards his students.

His students benefitted from his well-organised, dedicated teaching.

Once again, thank you Mr Chang for going the extra mile and for being a teacher who puts in extra effort to prepare good resources for his students.

A Kind And Understanding Educator

— charlotte Lee

Thank you Mr Mazlan Bin Ismail of Rulang Primary School for being a passionate, understanding and caring teacher.

Mr Mazlan is approachable and updates parents regularly on my students’ progress in school. He also recommended many useful books for them to read. My child is very happy to be in his class!

Doing It All For The Students

— Angelene kho

Miss Yeo Li Yen of Haig Girls' School is a great teacher!

She is always there for me in my time of need and will always do her very best to make lessons fun and interesting.

I wish you the very best Miss Yeo!

An Excellent Role Model

— Joe Goh

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my civics tutor, Mr Ho Kong Mun of Jurong Junior College for going above and beyond the call of duty.

When I was hospitalised during my examinations, Mr Ho provided advice and assistance regarding the various administrative procedures to be taken for the affected papers and helped to ensure that they were executed promptly.

His patience and professionalism is truly commendable and is definitely an excellent role model for his students.

Thank you so much Mr Ho!

Amazing Teachers Of Gongshang Primary School

— Elle Nick

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the teachers of Gongshang Primary School, especially to Madam Ong Siew Ling, Madam Bernie Leong, Madam Suriyati, Mr Daniel Vaithilingam, Madam Mehrun Nisha d/o M A Maricar, Madam Safiah Bte Sidek, Madam Lee and Mrs Roslinda Binte Johari for guiding my daughter to be a better student.

Throughout the challenging times, the teachers have ensured me that I have nothing to be afraid of.

For that, I am truly grateful. Thank you teachers!

Absolute Dedication

— Subramani Sundaram

We wish to thank Mr Ong Wei Lee (Gavin) of Chongzheng Primary School for continuously encouraging our child and also for engaging parents throughout the year.

We were able to approach him regarding any questions regarding Mathematics and he would promptly respond. An absolute dedication to the welfare of his students.

Hats off to you, Sir!

Kudos Mr Tan!

—  Nazeerah

Thank you Mr Daryl Tan of Cedar Primary School for being there for my son during his first year in primary school.

A Dedicated Teacher Of Rulang Primary School

—  Karen Low

We would like to thank Mrs Audrey Lim of Rulang Primary School for her dedication and passion towards teaching.

She is a very motivated and caring teacher who guides her students well.

She also provided my child with ample opportunities to excel as a student leader which helped to boost her confidence and self-esteem.

Thank you for guiding our daughter through a fruitful academic year!

An Inspiring Educator

—  Mathina

Miss Gan Siew Ling of Westwood Primary School is an inspiring teacher who truly believes in her students.

I am glad that she is my child’s form teacher this year and I truly believe that with her constant motivation, all her students will develop well.

We were truly touched when she wrote, "A little progress each day adds up to big results" on motivational cards for her students in the beginning of this year.

Thank you so much Miss Gan. Hats off to you!

Kudos Miss Sim!

— Catherine Chua

I am thankful to Miss Samantha Sim of Jiemin Primary School for being my child’s teacher during Primary 1.

She is a very patient teacher who will always respond to all of my queries promptly. She is also very positive, responsible and meticulous in her work.

She is also a very caring and observant teacher who will inform me when my child is ill and update me on her condition.

Under her guidance, my daughter was able to understand and improve in some subjects.

I am really glad that she will continue to be my daughter's form teacher this year.

Thank you so much Miss Sim for all your hard work and patience for the past 2 years!

A Dedicated Educator

— Linda Tan

I wish to thank Mr David Wong from Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road). He engages his students well through his lively History lessons which has inspired my child to be interested in the subject.

An Awesome Teacher!

— Linda Tan

I am grateful to Ms Charmaine Lim of Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) for showing concern and motivating my child, who faced challenges in his learning. She also took time and effort to address my queries.

Bringing out the best in every child

— Ruchika Handa

I would like to thank Mr Muhd Reza Daud and Mdm Liew Hwee Hong of Telok Kurau Primary School, for their support and efforts in bringing out the best in every child in the Robotics CCA. The students have all enjoyed their lessons and they learnt a lot in school.

Thank you for your unwavering support

— Helen Heng

I would like to thank Ms Eva Hor, Ms Jacinta Lim and Mr Jeremy Yeo of Raffles Institution for their unwavering support for my child, who encountered a difficult situation. His teachers regularly checked on him, ensured he was not alone, and did their best to motivate him for the A-Level examinations. Their support has definitely gone a long way in helping him through the tough period.

Going the extra mile

—  Caren

I would like to express my gratitude to Ms Wang Ai Pei of Hougang Primary School for nurturing my child. I am grateful that she went the extra mile to help her students prepare for the examinations. He has transformed from a shy and playful child to become brave and confident, and he is geared up for new challenges as he enters secondary school.

Simply The Best

— Shirley Ang

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my daughter’s form teacher, Mr Soh Yang Jie of Teck Ghee Primary School for his care and guidance.

My daughter showed great improvement in her studies and I am also very grateful for his advice and help.

Thank you so much and like my daughter always says, "You are the best Mr Soh!"

Sparking An Interest In the Chinese Language

— Karen

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Miss Jasmine Tan of Marymount Convent School for instilling a love for the Chinese language in my daughter.

Under Miss Tan’s tutelage, my daughter became more interested in the subject and has shown tremendous improvement. I hope that she can continue to teach my daughter next year.

Thank you so much for inspiring her!

Going The Extra Mile

— Sharon Lim

I would like to express my gratitude to my daughter’s form teacher, Miss Tan Hui Min of North Vista Primary School for being a great teacher.

Miss Tan went the extra mile to help our child when she was going through a medical condition- updating us every morning and ensuring that she settled in. I am very thankful for the support and help rendered.

I would also like to thank everyone else who has helped her in one way or another.

Thank you all!

The Amazing Educator Of Springdale Primary School

— Michelle Lee

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my daughter’s teacher, Mr Low You Fai of Springdale Primary School. Under his guidance, my daughter showed improvement in her Science.

He is an experienced and responsible teacher, and gave me sound advice on my child’s academic development.

Thank you so much Mr Low!

A Team Of Dedicated Educators

— Michelle Lee

I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers of Springdale Primary School, as well as to the Principal, Mrs Lee-Loh Siew Cheng, who has led the school for 6 years.

Mrs Lee gave an encouraging talk to my daughter’s class during her final year and motivated them to study hard for their PSLE. She went the extra mile to personally craft bookmarks that contained words of encouragement for all the Primary 6 students.

I would also like to thank the dedicated and responsible teachers and ex-teachers- Miss Brenda, Mrs Selene Yu and Madam Jolene Yang Caili for preparing her for the PSLE and for everything else that they have done for her.

Thank you everyone!