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Schools Division

Ensures the growth of quality leadership in schools.


To ensure that there is quality leadership in schools.


Schools Division

Schools Division comprises of the following branches:

  • Schools Branch North
  • Schools Branch South
  • Schools Branch East
  • Schools Branch West
  • School Operations Policy Branch
  • Schools Corporate Development Branch
  • Educational Leadership & School Excellence Branch
  • Pre-School Education Branch
  • Uplift and Educational Support Branch
  • Compulsory Education Unit

Schools Branch North, South, East and West

The Zonal Branches oversee the management of all primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and centralised institutes. The schools are grouped into clusters and each cluster is facilitated by a Cluster Superintendent. The Cluster Superintendents in each Zonal Branch develop, guide and supervise the school leadership teams to ensure that schools are effectively run. They ensure that there is networking, sharing and collaboration among the member schools within the cluster so as to raise the capacity of the leadership teams and the level of performance in each school. Cluster Superintendents also play a key role in personnel and financial management. They develop personnel in their clusters according to training needs and identify personnel with potential for career development. They ensure the effective and optimal use of cluster financial resources such as funding worthwhile school projects and activities that help schools to achieve the Desired Outcomes of Education.

Learn about our school clusters.

School Operations Policy Branch

The School Operations Policy Branch provides advice on pacing and prioritisation of initiatives, co-ordination and monitoring for school programme implementation and oversight of school policies and governance.

Schools Corporate Development Branch

The Schools Corporate Development Branch consist of School Operations and Admin Office and School Cockpit Admin Centre. The School Operations and Admin Office drive corporate improvements in schools, provide strategic corporate support for schools and provides administrative support for the division. The School Cockpit Admin Centre oversee the development, deployment and maintenance of the School Cockpit and SCAN System. The Centre also co-ordinates the deployment of new MOE IT systems to schools. The Centre keeps tab of changes in MOE policies and procedures and their impact on MOE IT systems for schools and recommends business rule changes to existing systems if necessary.

Educational Leadership and School Excellence Branch

The Educational Leadership and School Excellence Branch comprises the Centre for Educational Leadership and the Centre for School Excellence. The Centre for Educational Leadership provides a strategic focus within MOE for the development of quality educational leadership to respond to the aspirations of the child and nation. CEL develops, assesses, reviews and monitors leadership development efforts by MOE and its partner organisations, as well as initiates the conduct and sharing of quality research in leadership thinking for learning and application within MOE. To support our work, CEL implements an integrated framework for leadership development aligned with an Educational Leadership Philosophy specific to our Singapore school leaders. The Centre for School Excellence partners schools in support of their growth guided by the School Excellence Model (SEM). We work with schools in their improvement journey through the use of SEM as a tool for school self-evaluation as well as for impactful leadership and management. Schools are supported through a range of services such as professional development workshops, school-based consultancy, customised validation and provision of resources. CSE also facilitates sharing of promising practices across schools in the spirit of abundance mindset to lift the quality of all schools so that they are the best schools for their cohort of students.

Pre-school Education Branch

The Pre-school Education Branch seeks to raise the quality of kindergarten education by developing curriculum resources to support early childhood educators in creating and delivering quality learning experiences for children four to six years of age, providing quality and affordable pre-school education through the MOE Kindergartens and sharing curriculum resources and other good practices with the pre-school sector.

Uplift and Educational Support Branch

The Uplift And Educational Support Branch seeks to enable students, particularly those with greater needs, to attain basic educational outcomes so as to be gainfully employed and contribute to the community and nation. It builds on existing efforts to strengthen educational support and augments these with Moe-school-community partnerships. The Educational Support Unit leads the whole-of-Moe coordination in educational support for low progress learners in the areas of academic, student development, professional development and resourcing as well as research and evaluation. The Uplift Programme Office drives and coordinates the inter-agency coordination among schools, government agencies and community partners to strengthen the support for disadvantaged students and their families.


The Compulsory Education Unit oversees the enforcement of and compliance to compulsory primary education in Singapore. It is also the Secretariat to the Compulsory Education Board.