Infrastructure and Facility Services Division

Oversees the planning, development and management of infrastructure and facility services, the delivery of corporate services and the safety, security and emergency preparedness for schools and MOE HQ.

The Infrastructure & Facility Services Division comprises the following branches:

  • Development Planning Branch
  • HQ Services Branch
  • Safety, Security and Emergency Branch
  • School Campus Department


Development Planning Branch

  • Monitors and reviews projections of school places, plans for new schools, relocation and merger of schools.
  • Reviews and formulates the framework for infrastructure planning such as Programme for Rebuilding and Improving Existing schools (PRIME), Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) and Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI).
  • Reviews and monitors land use planning and land policies affecting schools.

HQ Services Branch

  • Oversees the planning, development, management and operations of MOE HQ infrastructure, workspaces and facilities.
  • Reviews, implements and delivers corporate administration services for MOE HQ.
  • Reviews, formulates and implements record management and registry policies and services for MOE HQ.

Safety, Security and Emergency Branch

  • Oversees, establishes and operationalises safety, security and emergency systems for educational institutions and MOE HQ, and coordinates such efforts with relevant Government agencies.
  • Plans and facilitates audits, training and exercises for educational institutions and MOE HQ to ensure safety standards and readiness for crisis and emergencies.

School Campus Department

  • Manages and advises on school infrastructure design and works for new schools, and on-site upgrading, minor works and improvement and maintenance of existing schools.
  • Oversees school infrastructure policies including school facility specifications and national initiatives such as community sharing.
  • Provides policy and administrative support for school car parks, canteen and school bus services.