Communications and Engagement Group

Actively engages MOE’s key internal and public stakeholders to support policy implementation and understanding.

Communications Division

  • Develops and manages strategic messaging and promotes effective communication of education policies, programmes and initiatives to local and international media, as well as the general public.

Engagement and Research Division

  • To engage MOE’s key internal and external stakeholders to consult and garner support for the developments and shifts in education.
  • To build broader MOE capabilities for effective engagement to support MOE’s policy and implementation process.

Design Office

  • We support MOE’s public communications initiatives by creating content and user experiences that show the purpose and impact of policies.
  • We work with various media (eg, articles, videos, infographics, experiential) to engage our stakeholders.
  • We manage and produce content for the Milestone publications, and MOE’s social media platforms.

Digital Office

  • Develop holistic online / social media strategy to better amplify MOE’s reach, online presence and stakeholder engagement.
  • Provide thought leadership on digital strategy, and online comms & engagement.
  • Build digital capabilities within CEG. Discover, develop, test new digital apps/platforms, and digitalising communications & engagement work/process.

Planning Office

  • To coordinate and support the work of two divisions in CEG, as well as between CEG and its partners.
  • To ensure that communications and engagement across MOE support good policy development and implementation.

Executive Office

  • To provide logistics and administration support to execute Ministry-level major communications platforms and events organised by CEG.
  • To oversee CEG’s procurement, HR, administration and finance matters, as well as knowledge management and training functions.