About Us


The Ministry of Education (MOE) formulates and implements education policies on education structure, curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment. It oversees the management and development of Government-funded schools, and the Institute of Technical Education, polytechnics and universities.

There are 10 statutory boards under MOE, namely

Our Mission

The wealth of a nation lies in its people – their commitment to country and community, their willingness to strive and persevere, their ability to think, achieve and excel. Our future depends on the continuous renewal and regeneration of our leadership and citizenry, building upon the experience of the past, learning from the circumstances of the present, and preparing for the challenges of the future. How we raise our young at home and teach them in school will shape Singapore in the next generation.

The mission of MOE is to mould the future of the nation by moulding the people who will determine the future of the nation. MOE will provide our children with a balanced and well-rounded education, develop them to their full potential, and nurture them into good citizens, conscious of their responsibilities to family, community and country.

Our Vision

MOE’s vision of "Thinking Schools, Learning Nation" (TSLN) was first announced by then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong in 1997.

This vision describes a nation of thinking and committed citizens capable of meeting future challenges, and an education system geared to the needs of the 21st century.

Thinking schools will be learning organisations in every sense, constantly challenging assumptions, and seeking better ways of doing things through participation, creativity and innovation. Thinking Schools will be the cradle of thinking students as well as thinking adults and this spirit of learning should accompany our students even after they leave school.

A Learning Nation envisions a national culture and social environment that promotes lifelong learning in our people. The capacity of Singaporeans to continually learn, both for professional development and for personal enrichment, will determine our collective tolerance for change.

The Basis for Survival & Success

People are our most precious resource. Every citizen is valuable and has a unique contribution to make. Through education every individual can realise his full potential, use his talents and abilities to benefit his community and nation, and lead a full and satisfying life.

Every child must be encouraged to progress through the education system as far as his ability allows. Advancement must always depend on performance and merit to ensure equal opportunity for all.

Every child should be taught at a pace he can cope with. Each should be stimulated to excel according to his individual aptitudes. The system must be flexible, to cope with pupils who mature mentally, physically, emotionally and socially at different rates.

Every child must learn to take pride in his work, to do his best and excel in whatever he does, and to value and respect honest work.

Education equips us with the skills and knowledge, as well as the right values and attitudes to assure the livelihood of the individual and the country's survival and success. We must learn to be self-reliant, yet able to work closely with others; individually competitive, yet with a strong social conscience. We must be flexible in mind and outlook to adapt constantly to a rapidly changing world. We must have firm moral bearings to give us strength in a world of shifting values.

Pupils must know our common history, our vulnerabilities and constraints. They must develop a sense of shared identity and destiny, the instinct to defend Singapore's national interests, and the resolve and confidence to stand together as one people, to overcome threats and challenges.

Education helps to preserve our cultural roots. Our pupils ought to know their own cultural heritage and mother tongues. At the same time they must learn to understand and respect the different racial, religious, cultural and language backgrounds of their fellow citizens.

Teachers in Society

The Education Service is committed to building up teachers as a quality professional force, exemplary in conduct and commitment, up-to-date in skills and knowledge. We will provide teachers with the resources and the environment to do their job well. We will look after their development and well-being so that they can concentrate on giving their best to their pupils. Good leadership and sound people-oriented management will help to develop a cohesive, committed and competent teaching service.

Teachers must keep up with professional developments in their fields, and judiciously apply new educational theories and practices to the classroom. They need drive and conviction to translate education policies into practical and effective programmes to meet the learning needs of their pupils.

Teachers are mentors and role models to their pupils. They influence young minds and inculcate sound social and moral values through word and deed, within and outside the classroom. They must impart to pupils learning skills, thinking skills and life skills to cope with the future; an attitude of continuous learning and improvement; and a sense of commitment and belonging to Singapore.

Teachers’ Pledge

We, the teachers of Singapore, pledge that:

  • We will be true to our mission to bring out the best in our students.
  • We will be exemplary in the discharge of our duties and responsibilities.
  • We will guide our students to be good and useful citizens of Singapore.
  • We will continue to learn and pass on the love of learning to our students.
  • We will win the trust, support and co-operation of parents and the community so as to enable us to achieve our mission.

The Public as Partners

We can only succeed in our mission with the full support and confidence of parents and the community. We seek to work together with them as partners, to develop our children to their fullest potential. Education will make our children's future and in turn, they will determine Singapore’s future.