A Strong Foundation for Every Child


Children are curious and active learners who should explore the world on their own. Their early years are critical to their development and families are key in supporting them in their growth. Even as they learn to count and read in their preschool years, they must also be guided to recognise and manage conflicts and their own emotions, so that they build solid relationships and make good decisions for themselves. At the heart of matters, children must be taught the values of care, respect, responsibility, and honesty.



We will ensure our children have access to affordable, quality education, to provide a good start for all. We will strengthen support for low-income children and facilitate greater partnerships with industry and community partners to do the same. For children with greater developmental needs, we will improve the affordability and accessibility of early intervention, crucial in their early years.


I will ensure that I focus on improving the person, and not just the product or process when I teach and learn with the child.

- Jaswant Kaur, Primary School Teacher

I will know the strengths of my students well so that I can develop and nurture them to the best of their potential.

- Lim Yu An, Primary School Teacher

I pledge to nurture my children to be curious and keen learners.

- Yeo Hwee Cheng, Parent Support Group (PSG) Leader

I pledge to provide all the support possible to ensure our children have a good learning journey.

- Tan Boon Siong, Parent Support Group (PSG) Leader

I will provide every child, especially those with higher needs, with a strong foundation to succeed in life.

- Lawrence Poon, MOE HQ Personnel

I will ensure that every child finds joy in learning for life.

- Fazilah, Primary School Leader

I will care for each and every child because every child is different and deserves care and guidance.

- Dalbir Singh, Secondary School Leader

I will keep believing that every child has the ability to learn, the potential to excel and wants to be at his best.

- Pang Siu San, Primary School Leader