Diverse Learning Models for Diverse Abilities


We want to nurture confident and curious students who are eager to learn, because they know it helps them grow. This provides the foundation for a journey of lifelong learning that will take them beyond school. We want to help them develop social and emotional competencies so that they can relate well with and care for diverse people and in varied contexts. We believe a compassionate child who can look beyond their own needs to care for the less fortunate makes for a cohesive citizenry in a rapidly evolving world. Strong partnerships between families, schools, and the wider community are key to nurturing our children, ensuring their well-being, and developing their resilience. We believe there are many paths to success and the potential of each child to find his or her calling in life.



We will continue to invest resources to provide multiple pathways and enable greater flexibility in learning for every child. We will also partner stakeholders in our efforts to help every child fulfil their potential.


I will use my experience to improve and become the best version of myself to empower others.

- Ahmad Zaki Taufik, Polytechnic Student

As an individual I will discover my own unique selling point and do my best to find my own definition of success in my education journey.

- Loh Wan Xuan, Polytechnic Student

I will focus on learning new skills instead of comparing myself to others.

- Aria, Primary School Student

I will accept my class and schoolmates for who they are and will befriend them regardless of who they are, their background and their personality.

- Valerie Khoo, Primary School Student

I will start volunteering and not focus only on my academic achievement.

- Low Yu Xiang, Secondary School Student

I pledge to develop a curriculum that is differentiated to meet the learning needs of diverse profile of learners.

- Sng Chern Wei, MOE HQ Personnel

I pledge to equip teachers with skills to cater to the different needs, interests and aspirations of our students.

- Wilna, Secondary School Leader

I will acknowledge that each child is differently gifted and I will continue to work with my colleagues to help each child discover their strengths and talents so that together we can build a stronger Singapore.

- Shirleen Chee Yan Hoon, Junior College Leader

I will create opportunities for students to apply learning in real life.

- R Parvathy, Primary School Teacher

I pledge to discover and accept my child's abilities, and support him without judgment.

- Sia Ang, Parent Support Group (PSG) Leader

I pledge to explore together with my kids to find and develop their interests and talents.

- Yee Irene, Parent Support Group (PSG) Leader