Let's Talk About How We Want to Learn ... and Grow

Forward Singapore invites Singaporeans to share about our hopes and dreams for our future generations, and to renew our pledges as citizens, as members of our communities and as one people to contribute to our home, Singapore.

This invitation comes at a time of great change, when political and social turbulence in the world offers just as great an opportunity for us to make the next leap ahead.

We believe Singapore must continue to be an inclusive, thriving space, where opportunities abound and where we, as Singaporeans, can forge our own path with dignity, and help others embark on theirs.

Your voice as an individual, and as a community, matters to us. We are committed to listen to what you have to say. All of us have a part to play - what would yours be?

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A Strong Foundation for Every Child

Children are curious and active learners who should explore the world on their own. Their early years are critical to their development and families are key in supporting them in their growth.


Diverse Learning Models for Diverse Abilities

We want to nurture confident and curious students who are eager to learn, because they know it helps them grow. This provides the foundation for a journey of lifelong learning that will take them beyond school.


Caring for Students with Special Educational Needs

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. MOE strives to provide every student with special educational needs a supportive school environment and programmes.


Multiple Pathways of Success

We provide a variety of opportunities and multiple pathways for diverse learners, catering to their strengths and interests, while allowing them to grow their passions and develop their potential.


Lifelong Growth for Everyone

We should embrace continuous learning beyond our schooling years, focus on growing and honing our skillsets so we will be ready to seize opportunities, switch to more promising areas when opportunities emerge, and progress in our careers.