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Which course in secondary school will your child be eligible for? Can your child take subjects at a more demanding level in secondary school?

Use the PSLE Score Calculator below to find out.

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How the PSLE Score is calculated

Achievement Levels (ALs)

The PSLE T-Score will be replaced with wider scoring bands, known as Achievement Levels (ALs).

Each PSLE subject will be scored using 8 ALs. Students who perform similarly will be placed in the same AL for each subject.

AL Raw Mark Range
1 ≥ 90
2 85 - 89
3 80 - 84
4 75 - 79
5 65 - 74
6 45 - 64
7 20 - 44
8 < 20

To understand why the scoring bands are uneven, click here.

Your child's PSLE Score will be the sum of the four subject scores. It ranges from 4 to 32, with 4 being the best possible total score.

Example of how a student's PSLE Score is calculated

English Language AL3
Mother Tongue Language AL2
Mathematics AL1
Science AL2
PSLE Score: 8
Scoring for Foundation Level Subjects

Under the new AL system, if your child is taking foundation subjects, your child will be graded AL A to AL C.

Like standard subject ALs, the Foundation subject ALs will reflect a student's level of achievement, rather than how they have performed relative to their peers.

For the purpose of S1 posting, Foundation Level AL A to AL C will be mapped to a Standard Level subject equivalent of AL 6 to AL 8 respectively, to derive a student's overall PSLE Score.

Grades for Foundation Foundation Raw Mark Range Equivalent Standard Level AL
A 75 - 100 6
B 30 -74 7
C < 30 8
Scoring for Higher Mother Tongue Languages (HMTL)

The grading and corresponding mark ranges for Higher Mother Tongue Languages (HMTL) (i.e. Higher Chinese Language (HCL), Higher Malay Language (HML) and Higher Tamil Language (HTL)) remain unchanged under the AL scoring system.

Grade Mark Range
DI (Distinction) 80 - 100
ME (Merit) 65 – 79
PA (Pass) 50 – 64
UG (Ungraded) 0 – 49
Scoring for Mother Tongue Language Exemption and Asian Language/ Foreign Language

Under the new scoring system, students exempted from MTL, due to extenuating circumstances, will be assigned an MTL score so they have a PSLE Score comprising four subjects, for the purposes of S1 Posting. The same approach is taken in today's T-score system. Their assigned MTL score will:

  • Take reference from peers with similar scores for English, Mathematics, and Science.
  • Maintain parity of treatment with students who take Foundation MTL (who will score between AL 6 to 8)

Hence, students will receive an assigned MTL score between AL 6 to 8 in PSLE.

Click here to find out how a student's MTL score is assigned.

Secondary school course eligibility under the AL System

Until 2023, your child will continue to be placed in secondary school courses – Express, Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical) - based on their PSLE score.

Placement Outcome PSLE Score
EXPRESS 4 - 20
21 - 22
N(A) 23 - 24
N(A) / N(T) OPTION 25
N(T) 26 - 30, with AL7 or better in both English Language and Mathematics
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