Lifelong Growth for Everyone


We should embrace continuous learning beyond our schooling years, focus on growing and honing our skillsets so we will be ready to seize opportunities, switch to more promising areas when opportunities emerge, and progress in our careers.

Lifelong learning is more than about staying relevant for ourselves in a rapidly evolving world and economy - it is also how we can maximise our potential and continue to make meaningful and important contributions to our nation through our unique talents and skills.



We are committed to developing a Continuing Education Training (CET) ecosystem that is responsive to the evolving skill requirements of the economy and will focus on transforming our Institutes of Higher Learning into Institutes of Continuous Learning. We also commit to supporting trainers and providing subsidies to enable individuals to keep their skills relevant throughout their careers.


I pledge to promote lifelong growth for everyone by continuing to learn and grow outside of education platforms.

- Fong Zi Xin, Secondary School Student

I will work hard to challenge myself, to be a better version of myself at every turn. And in doing so, to work to make the change I want to see in Singapore.

- Amareet Kaur, Polytechnic Student

I will ensure that my skill sets are changing and improving regularly as I progress through my career.

- Gavin, Polytechnic Student

I will continuously be open and active in gaining more knowledge and skills, whether it be soft or hard skills, in the present and the future.

- Maisarah, Polytechnic Student

I will do my best to always have a lifelong learning mindset and spend time to learn something, even when I get into the workforce. I will embrace society differences and help everyone to my full ability.

- Joyce Chen, Polytechnic Student

I will contribute by continuing to upskill my professional competency as a teacher to help students learn better.

- Bernard Soh, Primary School Teacher

I will continue to grow as an individual, to be relevant and to be a role model to my students.

- Wei Ying, Secondary School Teacher

I will continue to grow and learn so that I can continue to hone my skills to be the best version of myself, to develop and grow my own students the long run.

- Weiqi, Secondary School Teacher

I will empower my staff and create capacity for them to grow and keep learning, both for personal and professional development.

- Noraini Mansoor, Primary School Leader

I will role model the spirit of continuous improvement and lifelong learning , and exercise the consistent discipline and courage to make lifelong learning a mainstay!

- Adel Ong, Secondary School Leader