Caring for Students with Special Educational Needs


Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. MOE strives to provide every student with special educational needs a supportive school environment and programmes. Together with our partners in education, we aspire to be a society where every student, especially those with high support needs, and their caregivers can lead independent and meaningful lives. In all our students, we aim to also foster a spirit of giving back to the community and society, to uplift themselves and those around them who may need more support. This will create a society that recognises and celebrates people from diverse backgrounds, including those with Special Educational Needs.



We commit to providing an ecosystem that supports the learning of students with special educational needs, and helps them make a smooth transition across life stages.

We will work with caregivers, community partners and employers to ensure the efforts are well-coordinated and suitably funded.

In providing for and supporting students with special educational needs, we need to also strengthen society’s empathy, understanding and support towards their caregivers as well.


I will inspire students, persons with disabilities (PwDs) and other individuals as an outdoor educator. At the same time, to be inclusive so that everyone can be part of society regardless.

- Seng Ee, Polytechnic Student

I will work hard and have a continuous will to learn new skills for the betterment of those around me. For example, I want to learn ASL to adapt to the needs of people who may have hearing disabilities.

- Isabella, Polytechnic Student

I will contribute frequently to a home for the disadvantaged with my time, skills and love, and to inspire my students, friends and family to do the same.

- Jesslyn Goh, Primary School Teacher

I will make myself a role model for my students, to show acceptance and empathy for students with SEN, through my body language and words.

- Chua Kah Hern, Primary School Teacher

I will ensure an inclusive environment that supports students with special needs to learn well together.

- Yeo Sho Hor, Primary School Teacher

I will equip my students to be able to care for those around them with special educational needs.

- Judy Ho, Junior College Leader

I will strive to know and understand the needs of students with special educational needs and their families better.

- Sulasni A Rahman, Primary School Leader

I will continue to support parents of SEN kids in my capacity as a SPED tutor and a mom of SEN kids.

- Serena Koh, Parent Support Group (PSG) Leader

Educate my children to know about children with special needs. Teach them to be sensitive. How to work with other children with special needs.

- Lee Chin Chin, Parent Support Group (PSG) Leader

I pledge to create an inclusive society with different capacities of people that engage and work together.

- Dr. Balakrishnan Ramanathan, Parent Support Group (PSG) Leader