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How can I enrol my child at an MOE Kindergarten?

Please click here for information on registration.

Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee.

Can I register my child in more than one MOE Kindergarten?

No. You can only register your child in one MOE Kindergarten (MK). You must withdraw your application in order to register at another MK.

Will children enrolled in the MOE Kindergartens located within primary schools have priority admission to the primary schools?

MOE will conduct a pilot, to extend Phase 2A2 eligibility to MK children for admissions to the respective primary schools that their MK is located within^. This will take effect for MOE Kindergarten children participating in the 2018 Primary 1 Registration Exercise, for 2019 Primary 1 admission. The list of MKs located within primary schools with MK children participating in the 2018 Primary 1 Registration Exercise are below:

Area MK Primary School
North MOE Kindergarten @ Northoaks Northoaks Primary School
MOE Kindergarten @ Riverside Riverside Primary School
North-East MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol Green Punggol Green Primary School
MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol View Punggol View Primary School
MOE Kindergarten @ Sengkang Green Sengkang Green Primary School
MOE Kindergarten @ Springdale Springdale Primary School
South MOE Kindergarten @ Blangah Rise Blangah Rise Primary School
MOE Kindergarten @ Farrer Park Farrer Park Primary School
West MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong Dazhong Primary School
MOE Kindergarten @ Frontier Frontier Primary School
MOE Kindergarten @ West Spring West Spring Primary School
MOE Kindergarten @ Westwood Westwood Primary School

^The community-based MOE Kindergarten @ Fernvale Link and MOE Kindergarten @ Yishun will transit to school-based MOE Kindergartens, namely, MOE Kindergarten @ Fern Green and MOE Kindergarten @ Huamin in 2019 and 2020 respectively. The K2 students in these new school-based MOE Kindergartens will also enjoy Phase 2A2 eligibility for P1 admissions in the 2019 and 2020 P1 registration exercises respectively.

Will children with older siblings currently attending the primary school with a MOE Kindergarten located within have priority admission to the MOE Kindergarten?

MOE Kindergartens and primary schools have different admissions criteria. There is currently no priority admission for these children.

What should I do if I missed the MOE Kindergarten (MK) registration period?

You can approach the respective MK to submit an application. For the 7 new MKs opening in 2019, please refer to the following table for the locations to submit your application. Parents who submit an application after the Registration Exercise can expect to receive the outcome of their application after May 2018 if there are vacancies at their choice of MK.

MOE Kindergarten Location and Address
MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh First Toa Payoh Primary School
7 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh
Singapore 319252
MOE Kindergarten @ Kranji Kranji Primary School
11 Choa Chu Kang Street 54
Singapore 689189
MOE Kindergarten @ Wellington Wellington Primary School
10 Wellington Circle
Singapore 757702
MOE Kindergarten @ Anchor Green Anchor Green Primary School
31 Anchorvale Drive
Singapore 544969
MOE Kindergarten @ Fern Green Fern Green Primary School
70 Fernvale Link
Singapore 797538
MOE Kindergarten @ Fernvale Fernvale Primary School
1 Fernvale Lane
Singapore 797701
MOE Kindergarten @ Pei Tong Pei Tong Primary School
15 Clementi Avenue 5
Singapore 129857

When will I receive the outcome of my child’s MOE Kindergarten Registration?

If you have registered your child during the 2018 MOE Kindergarten Registration Exercise on 24 and 26 February 2018 or 3 and 5 March 2018, you will be notified by post of the registration outcome by 25 April 2018.

What should I do if my child is unsuccessful in the MOE Kindergarten Registration?

If you are keen to place your child on the waitlist, you can write to the respective MOE Kindergarten directly. Please click here for their contact details. The waitlist will be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to available vacancies. The MK will contact you directly, should a vacancy arise for your child.

Do the MOE Kindergartens offer a nursery programme?

The MOE Kindergartens offer programmes for the kindergarten (K1 and K2) levels only. Some MOE Kindergartens are in collaboration with Early Years Centres that offer nursery programmes. See here for details.

Are there any differences between the programmes offered by the MOE Kindergarten sited in the community and those sited in primary schools?

The guiding principles and framework for the programmes offered by the MOE Kindergartens situated in the community and in primary schools are fundamentally similar. The programmes have the same curricular focus and pedagogical features. However, each kindergarten plans lessons, customise teaching and learning resources as well as design classroom learning spaces to meet the profile and learning needs of children enrolled at the centre. Thus, the programmes and learning experiences offered would be customised for the children.

Are there any enrichment programmes outside kindergarten hours?

The 4-hour programme at the MOE Kindergartens is designed for the holistic development of children. There are no enrichment programmes outside the kindergarten hours.

Will there be field trips during school hours? Can parents come along? Will parents need to pay for the field trips?

Occasional field trips will be organised to interesting places or places of local interest, as part of our curriculum which has a distinctive Singapore flavour. We welcome parents to accompany their children on the trips as this provides opportunities for families to be involved in their children's learning. MOE will bear the cost of field trips to ensure that all children are able to participate in such learning activities.

Is there support for children with special needs or learning difficulties?

MOE Kindergartens do not have the specialised manpower and dedicated resources to provide special educational support for children with significant needs that require intensive specialised support and therapy. If a child has been diagnosed with moderate or severe special needs/learning disabilities at a young age, he/she should enrol at the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) centres as he/she will need dedicated care and specialised support available there.

What is the difference between the curriculum in the MOE Kindergartens and other pre-school centres?

The curriculum in the MOE Kindergartens is the first to be developed by MOE curriculum and pre-school education specialists. It is based on the belief that children are curious, active and competent learners and is guided by widely recognised principles in pre-school education articulated in MOE's Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework.

It is organised around themes and projects, includes resources with a distinctive Singapore flavour and emphasises language learning. Each child will learn the English Language and one of the three official Mother Tongue Languages (MTLs), namely, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. The teachers in the MOE Kindergartens receive the necessary professional development opportunities and strong support from MOE HQ to enable them to implement the curriculum effectively.

Other pre-school centres in Singapore are privately-run and the curriculum they adopt is planned by their own teachers or a centralised curriculum team at the headquarters. Their curriculum may take reference from the principles in the NEL Framework or may be based on certain philosophies and pre-school approaches.

Does the curriculum adequately prepare my child for Primary 1?

The curriculum aims to nurture the children holistically so that they are confident, have strong social skills and good foundation in literacy and numeracy. This will lay the foundation for their future learning and facilitate their transition to primary school.

Is the focus of Starlight Literacy for English Language and Mother Tongue Language on listening and speaking only? How will reading and writing be taught?

The Starlight Literacy Programme aims to nurture early childhood bilingualism. It focuses on developing children's listening and speaking skills and early literacy skills (which include reading and writing skills) through Shared Reading using Big Books. It is through the teaching of listening skills, oral vocabulary and sentence structures that children develop foundational language skills.

Can my child learn a Mother Tongue Language (MTL) that is not our own?

Bilingual education is a cornerstone of our education system. In particular, learning of MTL can help to reinforce our values, roots and identity, by giving us direct access to our cultural heritage. We encourage children to take their respective official MTL at the MOE Kindergartens.

Are Hanyu Pinyin and spelling taught in the MOE Kindergartens?

The focus of language learning in the pre-school years is on developing the listening and speaking skills of children. This will lay the foundation for language learning in later years. Hanyu Pinyin is part of the Primary 1 curriculum and children will be taught when they start formal schooling.

Word recognition should be taught in context, so children are not given word or spelling lists to memorise. Instead, children will learn words in context so that they understand the meaning of the words and make use of them in their speech and writing.

Are there phonics programmes in the MOE Kindergartens?

The MOE Kindergartens do not adopt any specific phonics programmes. In the Starlight Literacy (English Language) Programme, children will have opportunities to learn the names and sounds of letters in the alphabet. They also learn the meaning of words in the context of stories, rhymes and poems. This will prepare them for English Language in Primary 1, which continues to focus on the development of early literacy skills.

My child already knows how to read and write in the English Language (EL) and Mother Tongue Language (MTL). How will the MOE Kindergarten better prepare my child for Primary 1?

One of the flagship programmes at the MOE Kindergarten is the Starlight Literacy Programme in EL and MTL. The programme provides children with ample opportunities to learn and use the language on a daily basis. It focuses on the holistic development of children and through a variety of activities, enthuse children in learning and build up their confidence in using the languages.

We take into consideration the diversity in the language profile of our children. Teachers are given clear guidance and support in the form of teaching materials by MOE to customise the activities in each language to suit the different needs of the children they teach. All these will lay a strong foundation and prepare children for the next stage of learning in Primary 1.

Is there homework for children in the MOE Kindergartens?

Children do not bring back worksheets to work on independently. Instead, the MOE Kindergarten curriculum includes family-based learning activities which provide opportunities for children to work on projects or learning activities with their parents at home. This facilitates parent-child interactions and parents will be able to support children's learning, so that there is continuity in their learning from centre to home.

How will the children's progress be evaluated in the MOE Kindergartens?

Teachers evaluate children's progress in ways that are developmentally appropriate and not through pen and paper assessments. They observe the children and their learning experiences throughout the year to collect information on their learning and development. They document and interpret the information to find out what children know, understand and can do. This helps teachers plan for future learning activities and build on children's learning. They share children's learning with families through the use of portfolios which comprise samples of children's work, photographs of their involvement in activities and anecdotal notes.

How can I register my child for Kindergarten Care (KCare)?

KCare is available only for children enrolled in MOE Kindergarten (MK). From 2019, KCare will be available at all MKs except MK@Tampines.

You may indicate your interest in KCare on the registration form when registering your child for MK admission. If your child is already enrolled in an MK, please speak to the MK Centre Head about your interest. All school-based MKs have sufficient KCare vacancies for all children who are successfully enrolled to the MK programme. For community-based MK@Yishun, owing to space constraint, the number of KCare places for K1 is 20 in the morning session and 20 in the afternoon session in 2019.

How is the safety of the MOE Kindergarten children ensured in the primary school?

The kindergarten management and school management work closely to ensure the physical and social well-being of both groups of children. There are dedicated learning spaces for the kindergarten children and they will always be accompanied by a teacher or a staff from the MOE Kindergarten.

Are parents allowed to enter the primary school premises?

During arrival and dismissal times, there are designated assembly points in the primary school premises for the drop-off and pick-up of MOE Kindergarten children. Beyond arrival and dismissal times, visitors need to observe the usual guidelines for entry to the primary school. In general, all visitors to the MOE Kindergartens will need to register with the security officers.

What mitigation measures do the MOE Kindergartens have in place to manage contagious diseases and health-related crisis?

The MOE Kindergartens (and Kindergarten Care centres) take guidance from the Early Childhood Development Agency on the management of contagious diseases and health-related crisis (e.g. haze). We have in place the respective management plans to ensure the well-being of our children and staff.

What is the teacher to child ratio in the MOE Kindergartens?

There are up to 20 children in a class. Depending on the nature of the activity, classes could be further divided into smaller groups for ease of facilitation.

What is the fee at MOE Kindergarten?

The monthly fee for a 4-hour MOE Kindergarten programme in 2019 is $160 for Singapore Citizen children and $320 for Singapore Permanent Resident children. Fees are also payable during school holidays, i.e. June and December.

What subsidies are available for children enrolled in MOE Kindergarten?

Singapore Citizen children enrolled in an MOE Kindergarten are eligible for the Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme (KiFAS) disbursed by the Early Childhood Development Agency. To be eligible for KiFAS, the family’s total gross household income should not exceed $6,000. For households with at least 5 family members, the gross monthly per capita income should not exceed $1,500.

How much does the school uniform cost? Is there any other attire we need to purchase for my child?

For 2018, the uniform costs $15 per set. The uniform can also be purchased separately at $7 for the polo t-shirt and $8 for the khaki shorts (for boys) and skorts (for girls). There is no other attire apart from the school uniform. The price of the uniform remains the same in 2019.

What is the fee for Kindergarten Care?

The monthly fee for Kindergarten Care in 2019 ranges from $325 to $386. Fees are also payable during school holidays, i.e. June and December.

Are there any subsidies for the Kindergarten Care programme?

Parents who enrol their children for the Kindergarten Care programme will receive subsidies similar to those received by parents who send their children to half day childcare programmes. Subsidies will be computed based on household income or gross capita income.

What is the collaboration between MOE and Anchor Operators (AOPs) about?

To provide a continuum of quality and affordable pre-school education for children aged two months to six years, MOE is working with two pre-school AOPs - PAP Community Foundation Sparkletots Preschool (PCF Sparkletots) and NTUC’s My First Skool (MFS), to pilot a new model for pre-school services.

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