Nurturing Stewards of the Environment

All schools and students to be Eco Stewards

The Eco Stewardship Programme builds on current environmental efforts in schools. This will be done holistically through the 4Cs:
  • Curriculum: Enhance teaching and learning of sustainability in Science and Humanities, and integrate campus sustainability features into learning resources to make learning more authentic
  • Campus: Enhance campus with sustainability features like solar panels, LED lights and energy-efficient fans
  • Culture: Practise daily habits like reducing food waste and energy use, and encourage students to champion sound sustainability practices amongst peers
  • Community: Leverage community partnerships to offer students more environment-related learning opportunities, and better understanding of future “green jobs”

Schools will reduce carbon emissions

  • Aim for at least 20% of schools to be carbon neutral by 2030
  • Work towards reducing schools sector’s net carbon emissions by two-thirds by 2030
  • Pilot sustainability features and related concepts in four schools

New Science Centre will champion public education on sustainability

  • Complement environmental education efforts in schools, such as through learning journeys and mentoring programmes
  • Showcase innovative sustainability technologies, with programmes and exhibits to inspire lifestyle changes

IHLs will continue to build on existing efforts

  • As strong supporters of environmental sustainability, IHLs have embarked on similar efforts spanning the 4Cs
  • Build “greener” infrastructure, promote sustainable living initiatives on campus, engage in IHL-industry partnerships, and contribute to research

MOE's initiatives are in line with the national sustainability agenda under the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

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Nurturing Stewards of the Environment


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