Six Areas of Practice

Teachers will focus on enhancing their practice in these six areas.

  1. Assessment Literacy
  2. Design and use assessment tools purposefully and effectively to diagnose and address learning gaps

  3. Inquiry-Based Learning
  4. Empower students to ask meaningful questions and use evidence to address complex problems.

  5. Differentiated Instruction
  6. Adapt instructional strategies to develop students with different strengths, interests and needs to their full potential.

  7. Support for Students with Special Educational Needs
  8. Implement effective support strategies for students with special educational needs.

  9. E-Pedagogy
  10. Leverage digital technology to deepen students’ learning.

  11. CCE
  12. Build students’ character, social and emotional skills, and support their mental health.


Four levels of practice


Beginning on his/her journey in an area.


Broadening and deepening in an area.


Skilful and adaptive in an area.


Leading others effectively in an area.