Making CCE more relevant and applicable

  • CCE will be further integrated into lessons and activities, such as CCAs, camps and outdoor activities.
  • Students will go through key student development experiences beyond the classroom from primary to pre-university, including new cohort Learning Journeys.
  • In line with ongoing efforts to redefine CCA experiences, MOE will pilot combined teams for schools with small enrolment for certain CCAs, or schools looking to provide students with more opportunities for social mixing.
  • We will pilot the removal of selection trials for CCA in primary schools plus Strategic Partnership-CCA for secondary schools.


Strengthening mental health and cyber wellness education

  • Students will be better equipped to ensure their well-being, understand mental health problems and know when to seek support. This aims to nurture in them empathy and care towards people with mental illness.
  • Time spent on discussion on cyber wellness issues during CCE lessons will be increased by 50%, on average.
  • Cyber wellness lessons will be taught through authentic scenarios such as interactive video discussions.
  • All schools will establish a peer support structure by 2022.

Greater emphasis on teaching of moral values in primary schools

  • Enhanced teaching of moral values through cultural stories, songs, idioms, and proverbs unique to each Mother Tongue Language.
  • Broadened Form Teacher Guidance Period to include topics related to National Education and citizenship, which are better taught in a multi-cultural setting.

Fortnightly discussions on contemporary issues

  • Secondary school teachers will facilitate discussions on contemporary issues in CCE lessons at least once a fortnight.
  • These discussions include topics relevant to students’ lives, such as bullying, online media, and race and religion.

Professional development of teachers

  • Professional development will be strengthened, so that every teacher is better equipped to be a more effective teacher of CCE.
  • By 2022, there will also be specialised CCE teachers in all secondary schools to support and be a role model for other teachers in facilitating complex topics in CCE.