Ministry of Education
Committee of Supply
Debate 2017
Recognising Talents and Achievements
  • Direct School Admission (DSA) places will be increased. From 2018, all secondary schools will offer up to 20% of their non-IP places through DSA.
  • By 2018, schools will stop using general academic ability tests for DSA selection.
  • From 2019, DSA applications can be made via a common portal.
Catering to Students' Academic Strengths
  • By 2018, all secondary schools offering the Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical) course will offer Subject-Based Banding.
  • Students can take subjects in which they have done well at a higher academic level.
Reviewing Affiliation Priority in Secondary Schools
  • From the 2019 Secondary One Posting Exercise, affiliated secondary schools will reserve 20% of admissions for students who do not benefit from affiliation priority.
Enhancing Government Bursaries
  • More students in Post-Secondary Education Institutions (PSEIs) will be eligible for government bursaries.
  • The bursary amounts will also increase, as follows: